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    First of all , I googled it before writing this post that one who trolls someone is call a troll .
    Dearest trolls ,
    I do not know what is your problem but I am a good guesser so i think that you are jealous of me thinking that how can a 14 year old girl gain so much fame . Your mind is very destructive . If you think that I am praising myself a lot so you are free to think that but I am a strong girl therefore I can bear all this bullshit , but I would like to let you know that people are committing suicide due to people like you . And this message is not just for my trolls but for each and every troll in the world . And if you think that I care about you then dear you are totally wrong coz all I care about is me , my family , my friends , my studies and my life . I don't give a f*¢k to people like you . And these few lines from an awesome song explain what you say about me and what i think about it :

    Love handles on your waist
    Aye haye haye haye
    12 pimples on your face
    Aye haye haye haye
    Dark skinned and stout
    Aye haye haye haye
    Dont care be Shameless

    I’m Shameless, I’m Shameless
    I’m Shameless, I’m Shameless
    I’m Shameless Aye haye haye haye
    I’m Shameless Aye haye haye haye
    I’m Shameless…
    Credit - mostlysane (youtube)

  • @cutie-cat said in DEAREST TROLLS : ALL ABOUT YOU:

    how can a 14 year old girl gain so much fame


    But the reply to all those trolls was savage !!!!!
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  • @cutie-cat Really proud of ya n happy to know that ur just 14 n u have already acheived this much in life n of course will acheive more in future..keep it up!!!

  • How to show that you don't "give a f*ck about trolls": make a post about them.

  • @spoofer Yeah , make a post about them and show them that you can portray their nasty comments in a creative way 😊

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    @sup Yess 😎

  • @jack17 Thanks 😊

  • @cutie-cat A troll would attack your grammar for sure. I'm not here to bring offense(like you kinda do), I just felt disgusted by this whole topic. Writing a topic about "how can a 14 year old girl gain so much fame" as a moderator? No offense, but I would say that 90% of the people who use the chat should've been mod before you. And if you weren't interested in trolls, you wouldn't even google for this. @TalkWithStranger please reconsider your decisions by now, there are a lot of mature users around.

  • @spoofer first of all , please do the hard work of reading the long paragraph kinda thing written on my profile before replying on my posts . Yeah I am interested in trolls , i just wanna know why they do that . Can you please tell me ? Coz you just trolled me . I know there are many mature users around but if you think mature means 18+ then you are absolutely wrong coz I don't think you are mature . If you want me unmodded then write it on your own platform but don't post such comments on my posts .

  • @cutie-cat I've read but there was no point in doing that, I didn't offend nor asked for your demote because you're female. Could you tell me how did I troll you, by simply proving that you are contradicting yourself? Also, I'm not here for becoming a moderator. Despite you, I do know that it involves responsabilities and I don't need a "rank" to become serious or to stand my point. If you want to know why they do that, the answer is simple: for fun. But you didn't make a whole topic for this question. And this is far from being funny, more like annoying because you barely understood what I meant to say. Your attitude and language is harmful as a moderator. You should be an example for the users, not a "14 year old girl who don't give a f*ck about trolls". Instead of keeping the chat safe and act against trollers, you create useless topics about how cool you are in front of trolls?

  • @spoofer Look , I respect you , i am not trying to offend you or anything . Nobody in the world is perfect , we all have flaws , we all have some tensions . It is okay if you thought my post is pointless but I posted it coz I wanted to , I have the right to post anything that I want to but yeah I would also like to mention that I never ask to unmod someone while replying on the posts posted by them on their own personal platform .

  • @cutie-cat I have all the rights to reply, this is the actual purpose of this whole platform: communication. I didn't say that you don't have the right to do so but you should consider that this "platform"(topic) is public, therefore anyone can leave a reply.

  • @spoofer agreee with you

  • @spoofer You mentioned no offense but you are asking @TalkWithStranger to unmod me while replying on my own post in this way you are clearly offending me . Okay just leave it , do whatever you want and write whatever you want . Btw thanks , you just made me realize that i shouldn't care about people like you .

  • @cutie-cat Please I don't wanna fight anymore , SORRY and kindly end this argument here .

  • @cutie-cat Asking for justice shall not be confused with offending. Glad that I made you realize that you shouldn't care for those who are objective and try to do what's right.

  • @cutie-cat you made me giggle. Have an upvote. heheh

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    @cutie-cat Its alright to give a reply to trollers that way. But its not at all justified to confuse people who don't even talk to you or dont give a shit about you, with Trollers and then threaten them afterwards. And the fame tf, it doesn't matter how much fame you gain over here you're still a stranger. Wtf fame without a name. You try take unnecessary umbrage in everything and act stupidly, that's the reason you make such posts. Just try to Chill a bit!

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    lmao, kids na, what can i say :D
    i never trolled btw, maybe only @Laura-Anderson >.>
    alt text

  • @jynextremist Or maybe you just call her by different funny names 😂