• Whats with everybody trying to get a new boo on here without even getting to know the people you are trying to get with? Like I'm all about long distance relationships because "the one" isn't gonna be in the small town you live in, but still, some of y'all are gonna end up hurting yourselves by being too desperate to get to know someone. Relationships don't work when you know nothing about the person you wanna be with. Also there are those who are just bein hoes (guys included) who just want nudes from you then they leave like it's nothing, so, just a warning, y'all needa start getting to know people before y'all start sayin I love you cuz that stuff will screw with your head and heart...

  • @Boujee-Babe i want a long distance relationship :3 u can talk to me :3

  • @dreadstor that literally defeated the purpose of this post smh (-_-)

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    You have a strong point. My only guess is because a lot of people use this as a one time one night thing in order for sex.

  • @william-iamwill ik thats what I'm sayin and if one more guy I've never talked to before asks me out imma explode cuz it gets really freaking annoying

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    @boujee-babe if I'm interested in someone I'll ask for a different way of contacting you. I'm not saying i love you until it's comfortable.