• I'm so confused rn so basically: I used to like this guy but then I gave up on him because he never paid attention to me lol. Then I liked this dude and we were talking for a while and it just didn't work out. THEN i liked the first guy's best friend but he got a gf soooo...now, i'm not even sure who i like. Is this normal? Shittttt. Also the dude that I was talking to is staring at me again. I don't know what I'm supposed to fookin do. Help? Advice?

  • It's perfectly normal and u don't need to freak out about it :) just give yourself some time to observe the world and yourself. I'm sure you'll find an answer.

  • @noonenightsky

    Settle down, breath and don't let impulses rules you. Those are crushes, they come and go, it's good to get to know people and stuff but nothing wrong about being alone or single if someone interesting doesn't show up!

  • @noonenightsky and also.. have u tried being friends again with them now? Just so to make a good start with all of them? I think you should do that and make a fresh start again.

  • @noonenightsky Nothing? Why do you have to do anything? Just go with the flow.
    You gave up on the first guy. It didn't work out with the second one. The first dude's best friend has a girlfriend. So you can like him from a distance. (Don't be a biatch and ruin their relationship.)
    Yesh, this is very NoRmAL.
    So? Let him stare. If it's bothering you in anyway, then tell him to stop staring. If he doesn't stop, then tell someone. Or maybe report him. IDK. IDC.