• Honestly. Does anyone get what's up with all that? All of a sudden all these random questions pop up, and many/most of them could easily be answered with a general web-search. Google it! Comment or up if you agree.

  • @Lazz just ignore these questions. Aint worth your time bruh.

  • I can sense that this "Guest" dude is a kid. You need to get out of the house bro. You'll be crazy in a year if you keep on reading this shits.

  • yes.who else?

  • @Liliputian That's about right. And now there's ANOTHER weird Guest answering the other Guest's questions, at length, as well. Damn some of those comments are really LONG. Copy/pasted off some website, I'd suppose. What if it's ONE person, and he/she has split personality, and one posts questions and the other answers them? That would be just seriously messed up

  • @Lazz You can develop a split personality if you are in a high-stress environment. Anyone can get schizoid personality disorder. However, people with bad childhoods and/or a family history of schizophrenia are more likely to get schizoid personality disorder.

  • Are you guys talking about me?

  • Could be...honestly who can tell? The same Guest names are all over the place now. You, someone else, no clue

  • We are now officially living in one of Philip K Dick's realities.

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