Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?

  • @alwaysstranger you are nothing but an arabic jew . fk off .. sience is what i do u stupid shit . ive finished my education this year . hell bell hhhhhhh

  • Of course it is

  • @alwaysstranger big bang and evolution are nothing but a holy crap for weak faith people . who has nothing to do with the truth .and stoping fking telling me u are ana arab . i dont give a damn . islam is not about ur faking race its for all humans not olny ur dmub ass bor . and im am done of your shity talk all the time keep taging me in no matter what . i didnt give up on my topic . u didnt convice me . and u still didnt prove anything ... i can say 90% of people here said No ... the last 10% ..5% of em dont know shit . and the other 5 didnt prove anything . and to be honest ... u didnt change a thing here ... i asked for an opinion not ur fking life as an ex muslim . no boddy cares . come the fuk on man be real .... i have enough evidance to break ur ass up . its simply that u chose not to belive cuz itstoo hard for u.

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