Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?

  • @mika that's kinda cool ... So what can you say about the newziland massacre in the masjid ... Oh are we the bad guy who did it ... I wanna see your face now

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    I think Islam is a choice first. A personal choice. I am allowed, due to my nation's laws, to ask (not tell, THERE is a difference ) you about your thought and choices. But, I am not allowed to judge you on your thoughts/ beliefs as you are not allowed in return.

    I think @muslim has the right to ask. I also believe other people's right to debate here. But I also try Very hard to follow "talk to stranger's " rules of Be Nice.

  • @A-Former-User said in Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?:

    Let me prove to you that islam is not a religion of peace:

    Let me prove that you've very gay misconceptions😏

    Part1 Violent verses
    "Fight those who dont obey Allah & dont believe in Allah or the Last Day & dont forbid what has been forbidden by Allah & His messenger even though they are of the People of the Book until they pay the Jizya With willing submissions and feel themselves subdued"surah 9 verse 29

    “O you who have believed, indeed the polytheists are unclean, so let them not approach al-Masjid al-Haram after this, their [final] year. And if you fear privation,Allah will enrich you from His bounty if He wills. Indeed,Allah is Knowing and Wise. Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day & who don't consider unlawful what Allah & His Messenger have made unlawful & who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture-[fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled”(Quran 9:28-29)

    • A summary on 9:29 from At-Tabari:
      Mujahid reported concerning the verse,“Fight those who do not believe in Allah & the Last Day…”that it was revealed when Muhammad & his companions were commanded with the expedition of Tabuk. The expedition of Tabuk was preceded by the battle of Mu’tah which began when the emissary of the Prophet was assassinated while delivering a letter to a Roman ally(Tafseer At-Tabari 9:29)

    According to this summary,it is logical to assume that the verse was applicable for only a particular period of time as the passage says "so let them not approach al Masjid al Haram after this,their[final] year" & as the chapter begins with verses giving instructions for a particular time period

    • In an apparently universal verse,Quran says not to fight those who don't fight you i.e. Jihad is defensive:"So if they remove themselves from you & do not fight you & offer you peace, then Allah has not made for you a cause [for fighting] against them."(Quran 4:90)
      "Allah doesn't forbid you from those who don't fight you because of religion & don't expel you from your homes-from being righteous toward them & acting justly toward them. Indeed,Allah loves those who act justly.Allah only forbids you from those who fight you because of religion & expel you from your homes & aid in your expulsion-[forbids] that you make allies of them. And whoever makes allies of them,then it is those who are the wrongdoers."(Quran 60:8-9)

    “When the sacred months have passed,then kill the Mushrikin wherever you find them.Capture them.Besiege them.Lie in wait for them in each & every ambush but if they repent,& perform the prayers,& give zacat then leave their way free”surah 9 verse 5

    "[This is a declaration of] disassociation,from Allah & His Messenger,to those with whom you had made a treaty among the polytheists. So travel freely,[O disbelievers],throughout the land [during] four months but know that you cannot cause failure to Allah & that Allah will disgrace the disbelievers.
    And [it is] an announcement from Allah and His Messenger to the people on the day of the greater pilgrimage that Allah is disassociated from the disbelievers,&[so is] His Messenger. So if you repent,that is best for you;but if you turn away-then know that you will not cause failure to Allah. And give tidings to those who disbelieve of a painful punishment. And [it is] an announcement from Allah & His Messenger to the people on the day of the greater pilgrimage that Allah is disassociated from the disbelievers, and [so is] His Messenger. So if you repent,that is best for you; but if you turn away - then know that you will not cause failure to Allah . And give tidings to those who disbelieve of a painful punishment. Excepted are those with whom you made a treaty among the polytheists & then they have not been deficient toward you in anything or supported anyone against you;so complete for them their treaty until their term [has ended]. Indeed, Allah loves the righteous [who fear Him].
    And when the sacred months have passed,then kill the polytheists wherever you find them & capture them & besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer,& give zakah,let them [go] on their way. Indeed,Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.
    And if any one of the polytheists seeks your protection,then grant him protection so that he may hear the words of Allah . Then deliver him to his place of safety. That is because they are a people who don't know.

    How can there be for the polytheists a treaty in the sight of Allah and with His Messenger,except for those with whom you made a treaty at al-Masjid al-Haram?So as long as they are upright toward you,be upright toward them. Indeed,Allah loves the righteous [who fear Him]”(Quran 9:1-7)

    • These verses were against particular enemies only for a particular time who had broken the treaty and are not universal. the entire passage also says to exclude those disbelievers who were not harmful at that time & to grant protection to non-believers who wanted protection

    “They ask you about fighting during the sacred months.Tell them,fighting therein is a great sin but a greater sin is to prevent mankind from following the way of Allah,to disbelieve in him.”surah 2 verse 217

    “They ask you about the sacred month- about fighting therein. Say,"Fighting therein is great [sin],but averting [people] from the way of Allah and disbelief in Him and [preventing access to] al-Masjid al-Haram and the expulsion of its people therefrom are greater [evil] in the sight of Allah . And fitnah is greater than killing." And they will continue to fight you until they turn you back from your religion if they are able. And whoever of you reverts from his religion [to disbelief] and dies while he is a disbeliever-for those,their deeds have become worthless in this world and the Hereafter,and those are the companions of the Fire,they will abide therein eternally.”(quran 2:217)

    • this verse has nothing to do with violence & it doesn’t necessarily say to attack

    “Kill them wherever you find them & drive them out from where they drove you out. Persecution is worse than slaughter”Surah 2 verse 191

    Fight in the way of Allah those who fight you but don't transgress. Indeed. Allah doesn't like transgressors. And kill them wherever you overtake them & expel them from wherever they have expelled you,& fitnah is worse than killing. And don't fight them at al-Masjid al- Haram until they fight you there. But if they fight you,then kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers. And if they cease,then indeed,Allah is Forgiving & Merciful. Fight them until there is no [more] fitnah & [until] worship is [acknowledged to be] for Allah.But if they cease, then there is to be no aggression except against the oppressors.”(Quran 2:190-193)

    • This verse was for a particular time period & not universal. it was against only those particular enemy fighters i.e."those who fight you" & the passage also says to stop fighting them if they stop fighting you

    “When you meet the unbelievers,smite their necks”Surah 47 verse 4

    “So when you meet those who disbelieve [in battle], strike [their] necks until,when you have inflicted slaughter upon them(LITERAL TRANSLATION: When you have subdued them),then secure their bonds,and either [confer] favor afterwards or ransom [them] until the war lays down its burdens. That [is the command]. And if Allah had willed,He could have taken vengeance upon them [Himself],but [He ordered armed struggle] to test some of you by means of others. And those who are killed in the cause of Allah - never will He waste their deeds”(Quran 47:4)

    • this is not against any common non-believer but only against non-believing enemy soldiers in battle "until the war lays down its burdens".The verse also says to free the ones who are captured either in exchange of something or nothing

    “When your Lord revealed to the angels,‘Truly I am with you. So,keep firm those who have believed. I'll strike terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved. So strike them at the necks & cut off their fingers.’” Surah 8 verse 12

    [Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels,"I am with you,so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved,so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip”(quran 8:12)

    • It is just an instruction by Allah to angels & has nothing to do with human violence

    “Oh you who believe,fight those of the disbelievers who are close to you & let them find harshness in you” surah 9 verse 123

    It was not [proper] for the people of Madinah & those surrounding them of the bedouins that they remain behind after [the departure of] the Messenger of Allah or that they prefer themselves over his self. That is because they are not afflicted by thirst or fatigue or hunger in the cause of Allah,nor do they tread on any ground that enrages the disbelievers, nor do they inflict upon an enemy any infliction but that is registered for them as a righteous deed. Indeed,Allah does not allow to be lost the reward of the doers of good.
    And it is not for the believers to go forth [to battle] all at once. For there should separate from every division of them a group [remaining] to obtain understanding in the religion & warn their people when they return to them that they might be cautious

    O you who have believed, fight those adjacent to you of the disbelievers & let them find in you harshness. And know that Allah is with the righteous”(Quran 9:120-123)

    • According to previous verses,this verse was only for a particular period of time & not universal

    “Muhammad is the apostle of Allah. Those who follow Him are merciful to one another but harsh to the disbeliever”Surah 48 verse 29

    “Certainly has Allah showed to His Messenger the vision in truth. You will surely enter al-Masjid al-Haram,if Allah wills,in safety, with your heads shaved & [hair] shortened,not fearing [anyone]. He knew what you did not know & has arranged before that a conquest near[at hand]”(Quran 48:27)
    "It is He who sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to manifest it over all religion. And sufficient is Allah as Witness"(Quran 48:28)
    “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah ; & those with him are forceful against the disbelievers,merciful among themselves. You see them bowing & prostrating [in prayer],seeking bounty from Allah & [His] pleasure. Their mark is on their faces from the trace of prostration. That is their description in the Torah. And their description in the Gospel is as a plant which produces its offshoots and strengthens them so they grow firm & stand upon their stalks,delighting the sowers-so that Allah may enrage by them the disbelievers. Allah has promised those who believe & do righteous deeds among them forgiveness and a great reward”(Quran 48:29)

    • I am confused if this verse is universal or not & I still don’t have opinion about this verse but one thing is clear: it doesn't instruct to attack

    “They wish that you would reject faith as they have rejected faith unless that you would all be equal. So,don’t take protectors from them unless they emigrate in the way of Allah but if they turn back,then seize them and kill them wherever you find them”Surah 4 verse 89

    “They wish you would disbelieve as they disbelieved so you would be alike. So do not take from among them allies until they emigrate for the cause of Allah . But if they turn away, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them and take not from among them any ally or helper.
    Except for those who take refuge with a people between yourselves & whom is a treaty or those who come to you, their hearts strained at [the prospect of] fighting you or fighting their own people. And if Allah had willed, He could have given them power over you, & they would have fought you. So if they remove themselves from you & do not fight you & offer you peace, then Allah has not made for you a cause [for fighting] against them”(Quran 4:89-90)

    • the complete verse says to fight & kill only the ones who fight you i.e."So if they remove themselves from you and do not fight you & offer you peace,then Allah has not made for you a cause [for fighting] against them"

    Part 2. Verses against equality


    Prophet Muhammad(sm) said,"All mankind is from Adam & Eve,an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab,also a white has no superiority over black nor does a black have any superiority over white except by Taqwa(piety) and good action."(Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal 19774)
    “Even if the one appointed over you is a mutilated Ethiopian(Black) slave whose nose & ears have been cut off, listen to him and obey,so long as he leads you according to the Book of Allah.”(Ibn Majah 2971)

    Sexist verses: “Men are the protectors & maintainers of women because Allah has made one superior to the other and because they spend to support them from their means. Therefore,righteous women are obedient & they guard in the husband’s absence what Allah orders them to guard. And,as to those women from whom you fear disobedience, give them a warning,send them to separate beds,and beat them.” Surah 4 verse 34

    “And do not wish for that by which Allah has made some of you exceed others. For men is a share of what they have earned,& for women is a share of what they have earned. And ask Allah of his bounty. Indeed Allah is ever,of all things,Knowing.
    And for all,We have made heirs to what is left by parents and relatives. And to those whom your oaths have bound [to you]-give them their share. Indeed Allah is ever,over all things,a Witness.
    Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient,guarding in [the husband's] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance -[first] advise them;[then if they persist],forsake them in bed;& [finally],strike them. But if they obey you [once more],seek no means against them. Indeed,Allah is ever Exalted & Grand”(Quran 4:34)

    • I agree that the verse is sexist but the Quran is no more sexist compared to holy books of other major religions when interpreted in their original form. Few sexist verses may exist to maintain familial peace,to reduce divorce rates & to stop spouses from cheating on each other
      "...Approach your tilth when or how you will,give her(your wife) food when you take food,clothe when you clothe yourself,don't revile her face,& don't beat her..."(Abi Dawud 2143)
      Aisha reported "Messenger of Allah never hit anything with his hand neither a servant nor a woman but of course, he did fight in the Cause of Allah. He never took revenge upon anyone for the wrong done to him,but of course,he exacted retribution for the sake of Allah in case the Injunctions of Allah about unlawful acts were violated"(Muslim 2328)

    "Women are mens "fields,"& men can have sex with them whenever they want" Surah 2 verse 223

    “Your wives are a place of sowing of seed for you, so come to your place of cultivation however you wish & put forth [righteousness] for yourselves. And fear Allah and know that you will meet Him. And give good tidings to the believers.”(quran 2:223)

    • no it doesn’t necessarily mean that & the verse uses the word "however" & not "whenever"

    "A woman is worth one-half of a man,& men are above women"Surah 4 verse 11,Surah 2 verse 282 ans Surah 2 verse 228

    “Indeed,those who devour the property of orphans unjustly are only consuming into their bellies fire. And they will be burned in a Blaze. Allah instructs you concerning your children: for the male,what is equal to the share of two females. But if there are [only] daughters,two or more,for them is two thirds of one's estate. And if there is only one, for her is half. And for one's parents, to each one of them is a sixth of his estate if he left children. But if he had no children and the parents [alone] inherit from him, then for his mother is one third. And if he had brothers [or sisters], for his mother is a sixth,after any bequest he [may have] made or debt. Your parents or your children-you know not which of them are nearest to you in benefit. [These shares are] an obligation [imposed] by Allah . Indeed, Allah is ever Knowing & Wise.”(quran 4:10-11)

    • it just says about distribution of property to offspring but i dont know much about property distribution. AFAIK women can inherit property from both husband & parents but men can inherit only from parents

    Divorced women remain in waiting for three periods,& it is not lawful for them to conceal what Allah has created in their wombs if they believe in Allah and the Last Day. And their husbands have more right to take them back in this [period] if they want reconciliation. And due to the wives is similar to what is expected of them,according to what is reasonable. But the men have a degree over them [in responsibility and authority]. And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise.
    Divorce is twice. Then,either keep [her] in an acceptable manner or release [her] with good treatment. And it is not lawful for you to take anything of what you have given them unless both fear that they will not be able to keep[within] the limits of Allah. But if you fear that they will not keep[within] the limits of Allah, then there is no blame upon either of them concerning that by which she ransoms herself. These are the limits of Allah, so do not transgress them. And whoever transgresses the limits of Allah - it is those who are the wrongdoers.
    And if he has divorced her [for the third time],then she is not lawful to him afterward until [after] she marries a husband other than him. And if the latter husband divorces her [or dies], there is no blame upon the woman and her former husband for returning to each other if they think that they can keep [within] the limits of Allah. These are the limits of Allah,which He makes clear to a people who know.
    And when you divorce women & they have [nearly] fulfilled their term, either retain them according to acceptable terms or release them according to acceptable terms,and don't keep them,intending harm,to transgress [against them]. And whoever does that has certainly wronged himself. And don't take the verses of Allah in jest. And remember the favor of Allah upon you & what has been revealed to you of the Book & wisdom by which He instructs you. And fear Allah and know that Allah is Knowing of all things.
    And when you divorce women & they have fulfilled their term,don't prevent them from remarrying their [former] husbands if they agree among themselves on an acceptable basis. That is instructed to whoever of you believes in Allah & the Last Day. That is better for you & purer,& Allah knows & you know not.”(Quran 2:228-232)

    • the “men are above woman” is apparently here applicable for law & order regarding divorce

    "Muslim men may marry up to 4 wives,including prepubecent girls & can own sex slaves"Surah 4 verse 3,Surah 65 verse 4

    “And give to the orphans their properties and do not substitute the defective[of your own] for the good [of theirs]. And do not consume their properties into your own. Indeed,that is ever a great sin.
    And if you fear that you will not deal justly with the orphan girls,then marry those that please you of [other] women, two or three or four. But if you fear that you will not be just, then [marry only] one or those your right hand possesses. That is more suitable that you may not incline[to injustice]
    And give the women [upon marriage] their [bridal] gifts graciously. But if they give up willingly to you anything of it,then take it in satisfaction and ease
    And do not give the weak-minded your property,which Allah has made a means of sustenance for you, but provide for them with it and clothe them and speak to them words of appropriate kindness.”(quran 4:2-5)

    • Quran set a limit of marriage since polygamy was common at that time in many places of the world. Multiple marriages were a strategy for strengthening political relationship between tribes & individuals. Setting a limit was important to reduce polygamy. A limit was set where as other religions didn’t even set any limit. the bible & other religious books have so many examples of extreme polygamy

    Quran also says to marry only 1 wife if one cannot maintain equality. AFAIK permission from wife is necessary for polygamy. Islam has verses that say that consent of women is necessary for marriage. According to the Quran,it is unlawful to inherit women by compulsion:
    "O you who have believed,it is not lawful for you to inherit women by compulsion. And do not make difficulties for them in order to take [back] part of what you gave them unless they commit a clear immorality. And live with them in kindness. For if you dislike them- perhaps you dislike a thing & Allah makes therein much good"(Quran 4:19)

    There are also hadiths that indicate that a woman's consent is necessary for marriage. 1 example:
    "Allah's Apostle said,"It is essential to have the consent of a virgin (for the marriage). I said,"A virgin feels shy."The Prophet said,"Her silence means her consent"(Narrated by Aisha,Bukhari 6946)

    Also marriage is essential to have sex. Islam encourages to marry slaves to have sex. AFAIK to marry a slave you will have to free him/her at first:
    "And [also prohibited to you are all] married women except those your right hands possess. [This is] the decree of Allah upon you. And lawful to you are [all others] beyond these, [provided] that you seek them [in marriage] with [gifts from] your property, desiring chastity, not unlawful sexual intercourse. So for whatever you enjoy [of marriage] from them, give them their due compensation as an obligation. And there is no blame upon you for what you mutually agree to beyond the obligation"(Quran 4:24)

    "Women must cover themselves & be seen only by relatives,eunuchs,slaves & children who have not yet had sex with women" Surah 24 verse 31

    Tell the believing men to reduce [some] of their vision & guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Indeed,Allah is Acquainted with what they do.
    And tell the believing women to reduce [some] of their vision & guard their private parts & not expose their adornment except that which [necessarily] appears thereof & to wrap [a portion of] their head covers over their chests & not expose their adornment except to their husbands, their fathers,their husbands' fathers, their sons,their husbands' sons,their brothers,their brothers' sons,their sisters' sons, their women,that which their right hands possess,or those male attendants having no physical desire,or children who are not yet aware of the private aspects of women. And let them not stamp their feet to make known what they conceal of their adornment. And turn to Allah in repentance, all of you,O believers, that you might succeed”(Quran 24:30-31)

    • Whether it is sexist is subjective as it is done to protect women from evil rapists
    • You forgot to mention that Islam is also sexist against men:
      A man came to Allah's Apostle and said,"O Allah's Apostle!Who is more entitled to be treated with the best companionship by me?"The Prophet said,"Your mother."The man said."Who is next?"The Prophet said,"Your mother."The man further said,"Who is next?"The Prophet said,"Your mother."The man asked for the fourth time,"Who is next?"The Prophet said,"Your father."”(Bukhari 5971) In Islam,a man also has to give dowry to wife

    Homophobic verses

    • The quran is no more homophobic than the bible. The suppression of open homosexuality is done may be so that homosexuality doesn't get too normalized causing a nation to go extinct & so that families,the units of society,dont break down. Existence of families are important for the social,mental & emotional well-being of children and individuals. But as a gay,i feel bad about it as having sex secretly is boring & i'll die without gay sex 😞 .Along with homosexual marriage & relationship,marrying & having sex with animals,parents,siblings,infants & objects using contraceptive measures should also be normalized to achieve sexual freedom❤

    Punishment for leaving islam is death:

    • There are at least 2 Sahih hadiths which permit(not obligate) death penalty for public apostasy & 1 hadith which permits death penalty if the apostate fights Islam but such hadiths may exist for the greater good so that apostates remain silent & people don't get out of the belief system & harm the belief system that keep them happy,give them hope,placebo effect & resilience to harsh realities of life. If there are several religions people may start fighting against each other. However all Hadiths are not true & scholars differ on authenticity of some Hadiths.
      But there are so many extreme ideas of other major religions which are much worse that include ancestral supremacy & dehumanizing people of a different ancestry & supporting violence against a different ancestral group

    research has shown(you can google) that 88% of Muslims in Egypt & 62% of Muslims in Pakistan favor death penalty for people who leave the religion

    • Some are like this but they are not extreme enough to kill you. I personally know some apostates in my muslim majority country & I've no problem with them if they are decent. If most muslims & brown people were so extreme,they would be killed by now. Many muslims dislike apostates but most are not extreme enough to kill you as no part of Islam TMK says that killing apostates or non-muslims will cause muslims to be rewarded. Most of the muslim world is free from extremism. Only 2 or 3 muslim countries have too strict laws that include mandatory burka or something like this. Media make it appear otherwise. These “Islamic” things are usually regulated by familial & social influence. Many cultural practices & personal opinions of Islamic scholars are often mistaken as Islamic practices. Media largely focus on exceptions & also twist facts due to bias. Non-muslims in my muslim country are doing absolutely fine & I have non-muslim friends. I've never met any muslim who supports harming non-believers & have never heard of any case of polygamy IRL
      There are 13 muslim countries(not in most muslim countries) where apostasy is punishable(sometimes by death). But these punishments are usually never enforced

    If you don't agree with me then please just explain calmly in a way i can understand


    P.S.I'm 99% sure that all of the verses i mentioned are not taken out of context or not translated correctly. But even if you think that 1 or 2 are taken out of context or not translated correctly,it doesn't matter because the rest of the verses are not

    • There are popular sites that give fake verses & information to demonize Islam. Most of your verses are taken out of context & some verses you mentioned are also wrong & different from original verses of Quran

    Read the entire verse containing passages to understand the context.You've to read the adjacent verses(the verses that come before and after the mentioned verse)to understand the context. the verses of a passage when combined can bear a different meaning. The Quran was revealed in parts in different times:

    "And [it is] a Quran which We have separated [by intervals] that you might recite it to the people over a prolonged period. And We have sent it down progressively"(Quran 17:106)
    "And those who disbelieve say,"Why was the Quran not revealed to him all at once?"Thus[it is] that We may strengthen thereby your heart. And We have spaced it distinctly"(Quran 25:32)

    Historical context of many verses are found in Hadiths

    An organization or empire can use a religion for material gains & can intentionally take verses out of context to support their cause so that the organization can be benefited economically & politically but it doesn't change what the religion actually says. So while theological debates,it is better to only stick to what the religious texts say

    And if anybody changed their minds after reading this,tell me because i'd like to know

    • Yes,I've changed my mind & I think that you Arabs are even gayer than me
      You only focused on the apparent dark sides instead of focusing on the so many bright sides of Islam which include compulsory charity,banning of alcohol & intoxicant,forbidding social & moral crimes,altruism,family values,timely meditation in the form of compulsory prayer 5 times a day,mandatory fasting for a month that has health benefits etc. There is no universal islamic verse which supports killing non-believers. Why will a smart warrior(Prophets who were warriors & had several wives are also mentioned in the bible) like Prophet Muhammad come up with unnecessary ideas like killing non-believers?Bright sides are much higher in number than apparent dark sides.Islam also tells you not to take religion so seriously that it becomes a burden for you:
      The Prophet said, "Religion is very easy & whoever overburdens himself in his religion won't be able to continue in that way. So you should not be extremists,but try to be near to perfection and receive the good tidings that you will be rewarded;& gain strength by worshipping in the mornings,the afternoons,& during the last hours of the nights"(Bukhari 39)

    This "Islamic" terrorism is happening due to social,geographic,political,economic reasons & CONSPIRACY. Many of these terrorism have little to to do with religion & media intentionally make them appear as religious terrorism

    "Islam is the best religion & Muslims are the worst followers"

    @muslim I don’t know if you are a troll or not since you look different from average Moroccans who are probably similar to Spaniards.
    If you can't give arguments then why try to debate?And your English is not understandable

    @steelfirehawk Arab Christians & Arabic bibles also use the word “Allah” as a proper noun for God."Ilah" is used as common noun for deity/god. There are websites that give misinformation that Allah is a moon god. But their arguments are baseless. You can research being neutral. In Aramaic(the language of Jesus),a word for god is “Alaha” which is similar to "Allah". But I agree that the idea of god in Islam is a bit different from that of Christianity.
    According to the bible,a person admitting that Jesus is from God won't perish. Unlike Judaism,Islam agrees that Jesus is the Christ from the god. A letter by Prophet Muhammad:
    "In the Name of Allâh,the Most Beneficent,the Most Merciful.
    From Muhammad the Messenger of Allâh to Negus,king of
    Abyssinia. Peace be upon him who follows true
    guidance. Salutations,I entertain Allâh’s praise,there is no god
    but He,the Sovereign,the Holy,the Source of peace, the Giver
    of peace,the Guardian of faith,the Preserver of safety. I bear
    witness that Jesus,the son of Mary,is the spirit of Allâh and
    His Word which He cast into Mary,the virgin,the good,the
    pure,so that she conceived Jesus. Allâh created him from His
    spirit & His breathing as He created Adam by His Hand. I
    call you to Allâh Alone with no associate & to His obedience
    & to follow me & to believe in that which came to me, for I
    am the Messenger of Allâh. I invite you & your men to Allâh,
    the Glorious,the Almighty. I hereby bear witness that I have
    communicated my message & advice. I invite you to listen
    & accept my advice. Peace be upon him who follows true
    guidance."[Zad Al Maad 3/60]

    Click it to just enjoy😘

    BTW 1 of the interesting mathematical coincidences in Quran:
    alt text
    alt text



    Hadith collections reject Daif ones)

    Linguistic Analysis of Quran

    Quran Dictionary



  • @Sabo-go-thud dude I like what you said ... All I'm trying to do is to make to see if the Muslim community is really hated for what's happening there ... Also feel free to explain your self ... I already have respect for your words

  • Islam isn't a religion of war, I personally believe it's just being twisted in order to rally up people so that they can feel like they're fighting for something that they believe in, but hey Christianity has undergone the same thing. Religions almost always end up leading to some form of theocratic rule which leads to power hungry people perverting said religion for their own personal gain.

  • Even if people have different views as humans we should not talk down to people and especially religions. We all have freedom of religion and we should be able to practice that. Islam is a religion of peace. No, not all Muslims are perfect. No, not all people are perfect. Grouping people together is not the way to go. That is what society does to us they want us to argue and fight. Grouping certain Muslims who use the Quran as a reason to do bad is not okay and this is not all Muslims. Its literally like people saying all Black people are in gangs and cause trouble which is not true. We cannot throw everyone into one category that's doesn't make someones point valid.

  • Even if people have different views as humans we should not talk down to people and especially religions. We all have freedom of religion and we should be able to practice that. Islam is a religion of peace. No, not all Muslims are perfect. No, not all people are perfect. Grouping people together is not the way to go. That is what society does to us they want us to argue and fight. Grouping certain Muslims who use the Quran as a reason to do bad is not okay and this is not all Muslims. Its literally like people saying all Black people are in gangs and cause trouble which is not true. We cannot throw everyone into one category that's doesn't make someones point valid.

  • yes g fuck off cunt

  • You got that wrong. Women are far superior to men. They can get a degree, hold down a job whilst bringing up children
    Give birth and go straight back to work and they live longer than men. Women can multi-task. Men cant

  • Its an evil religion

  • I believe anyone from any religion can be a terrorist. being Muslim or from an Islam community does not make a person a terrorist. people are assholes from all walks of life regardless of their religion and where they are from.

  • I don not believe Islam is a religion of terrorism. I just believe they misinterpret the Quran.
    Any religion if it's sacred writing is misinterpreted can be used as a weapon or reason to hurt others.

  • @Liliputian Preach it man!

  • @Muslim said in Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?:

    tell me what do you think about islam from your point of view as a free thinker not what u hear from the media

    The koran book is full of terror and evilness. It is compulsory for muslims to read it five times per day. But it does not necessary make a relationship that all Muslims are terrorists.

    Does evil come from allah ?
    Allah as the Evil's endorser

    If some good befalls them, they say "This is from Allah". But if evil, they say "This is from thee" (O prophet). Say: "All things are from Allah.... (Koran 4:78)

    He commands abomination

    And when We would destroy a township We send commandment to its folk who live at ease, and afterward they commit abomination therein, and so the Word (of doom) hath effect for it, and we annihilate it with complete annihilation. (Koran 17:16)

    Allah says animals are evil

    lready have We urged unto hell many of the jinn and humankind, having hearts wherewith they understand not, and having eyes wherewith they see not, and having ears wherewith they hear not. These are as the cattle - nay, but they are worse! These are the neglectful. (Koran 7:179)

    So when they took pride in that which they had been forbidden, We said unto them: Be ye apes despised and loathed! (Koran 7:166)

    Fear for non-believers
    Those who do not believe in him, will go in hell

    Verily Allah will admit those who believe and do righteous deeds, to Gardens beneath which rivers flow; while those who reject Allah will enjoy (this world) and eat as cattle eat; and the Fire will be their abode. (Koran 47:12)

    And those who followed shall say: Had there been for us a return, then we would renounce them as they have renounced us. Thus will Allah show them their deeds to be intense regret to them, and they shall not come forth from the fire (Koran 2:167)

    Allah will burn them in fire-

    Such is the requital of the enemies of Allah,- the Fire: therein will be for them the Eternal Home: a (fit) requital, for that they were wont to reject Our Signs (Koran 41:28)

    Koran about the purpose of mankind
    Allah says the reason of mankind is worshiping the Allah

    I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me (Koran 51:56)

    Allah as the most racist God ever in the history

    Allah did choose Adam and Noah, the family of Abraham, and the family of 'Imran above all people, (Koran 3:33)

    Children of Israel! call to mind the (special) favour which I bestowed upon you, and that I preferred you to all other (for My Message). (Koran 2:47)

    Allah as the oppressor of free will

    No soul can believe, except by the will of Allah, and He will place doubt (or obscurity) on those who will not understand. (Koran 10:100)

    Allah as the supporter of wines

    Yes, we will drink Alcohol with Allah for an eternity

    Surely the pious will be in bliss ... their thirst will be slaked with pure wine sealed. (Koran 83:22)

    Paradise has rivers of Alcohol lmao

    A similitude of the Garden which those who keep their duty (to Allah) are promised: Therein are rivers of water unpolluted ... and rivers of wine delicious to the drinkers. .(Koran 83:22)

    Allah as a bad ass for non-believers

    Punishes them but if any turn away and reject Allah,- Allah will punish him with a mighty Punishment,(Koran 88:23-24)

    Allah as a bad ass for non-muslims

    It is not for such as join gods with Allah, to visit or maintain the mosques of Allah while they witness against their own souls to infidelity. The works of such bear no fruit: In Fire shall they dwell. (Koran 9:17)

    Allah as the supporter of fatalism

    Of them there are some who (pretend to) listen to thee; but We have thrown veils on their hearts, So they understand it not, and deafness in their ears; if they saw every one of the signs, not they will believe in them; in so much that when they come to thee, they (but) dispute with thee; the Unbelievers say: "These are nothing but tales of the ancients." (Koran 6:25)

    Allah leaves stray whom He wills and guides whom He wills (Koran 35:8)

    No soul can believe except by the will of Allah (Koran 10:100)

    Allah as a terrorist for those who do not believe in afterlife

    Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. (Koran 9:29)

    Allah as the destroyer of idolaters

    Destroy their idols-
    So he broke them to pieces, (all) but the biggest of them, that they might turn (and address themselves) to it. (Koran 51:58)

    Allah as the supporter of crimes such as adultery

    Here unmarried men are allowed to have sex with slaves they're not married to-

    save those captives whom your right hands possess. It is a decree of Allah for you. (Koran 4:24)

    Allah as the endorser of polygamy

    if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans, Marry women of your choice, Two or three or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one, or (a captive) that your right hands possess, that will be more suitable, to prevent you from doing injustice. (Koran 4:3)

    Allah represents the authority of men over women

    Men have authority over women because God has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As for those whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them. Then if they obey you, take no further action against them. Surely God is most high. (Koran 4:34)

    Allah as a badass for women

    Those who slander chaste women, indiscreet but believing, are cursed in this life and in the Hereafter: for them is a grievous Penalty, (Koran 24:23)

  • @Muslim If you are saying the version of islam in my country it is peaceful. But i think it is different in middle east.

  • @Muslim In my opinion : It all depends on how you understand the religion. Majority will agree when I say Islam is a religion of peace. The media has distorted this religion, and many quotes have been given without context or information. Many Muslim scholars will say the same, they can explain specific phrases if you want then research what their response is. You must also realise that many people have a different way of thinking and misunderstand Islam. I believe Islam IS a religion of peace.
    Well, that's my view on this.

  • Soul Searchers

    Guest said in Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?:

    You got that wrong. Women are far superior to men. They can get a degree, hold down a job whilst bringing up children
    Give birth and go straight back to work and they live longer than men. Women can multi-task. Men cant

    Women are built better then men. Not superior, definitely NOT inferior. A woman's skeletal and muscle control allows a woman to rise from a seated position without having to brace an arm to help her get to her feet. A male needs to lean forward quite a bit to rise from a seat, or pull himself up. Girls mature much earlier than boys, starting as young as ten years of age.

    These are facts, not based on religion, pigmentation(skin color) or social status. Islam is a belief, just like Buddhaism. How you USE the belief is important. That. That is the question at its root. "What is your belief. Does it help or hinder you sharing of this small blue marble on the outer spiral arm of this galaxy?"

  • Thank you for your opinion

  • @Muslim I am a Muslim but I do sins ... U know it's Normal but to me the religion is a bit complicated plus some people say stupid things which is entirely wrong ... So I don't actually know what to believe and what are the correct law ....

  • This post is deleted!

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