Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?

  • @alwaysstranger . An ex-muslim, such a bogus claim, rather add to it an "Ex-Muslim by name" cos evidently it shows you really didn't understand the fundamental of ISLAM while you were a Muslim , sorry for been lashy, but if at all you sincerely do, you would have known that, to every verse in the Quran, there exit, its Tafsir(explanation and reason) and the context withing the period of revelation.

  • I think that Islam was intended to represent brotherhood, charity and kindness etc.......but the laws are so contradictory that there was no way for it to result in anything other than what it represents today.....which I'm sorry to say, is chaos.

    I have close friends that are Muslim. I respect and embrace them wholeheartedly. They are nothing but good people. But after having intense and lengthy conversations with multiple relgious muslims including some imams, I am lead to believe that's quite close to bogus. Again, the intention was good, but if was clearly a manmade religion, which is why it is flawed, hence the uproar and backlash there is against it today.

  • @alwaysstranger whatever dude, Buh, i will say these, be a rational and objective in your assessment , deal less with emotional sentiments..

  • This post is deleted!

  • @alwaysstranger "am too radical and mindwashed" me some air, you're so funny, Rationality is far from you, and am only taking you upon that and you find it so difficult to handle. Aiit man, it's okay if its becoming so tough for you to objective and intellectually minded. I respect and you are entitled to your opinions regardless of how emotional and subjective they are. and please save us the stand point of "ex-Muslim" expression just for the sake of your argument.

  • @gurlxoxo right there is a lot of people muslims don't understund what's the real islam and they make the reputaion of islam so bad

  • @alwaysstranger Aiit..

  • No man 🙂

  • No i don't think so .

  • no...goverment are terrorism,American create all those problems to get petrolum,everything is a plan

  • The terrorist groups are not actually part of Islam.
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  • It s a complete Religion u know

  • Hi everyone ... I've read all your comments. Opinions. And though ... And I really appreciate that fact that there are some people who can make this world a better place ... I really thank you for your support to the Islamic cause... You guys are free thinkers ...
    Despite those who think that Islam is a religion if terror... I just wanna say . I dont blame you nor will I judge you.. You have your own reasons ... I only what to tell you I respect your thoughts and opinions too ... The only thinks I ask is to think freely .
    Thank you all again.


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  • Nope, just some people be crazy as f**k. No way around that......sorry I only mean like terrorists, like isis, stiff like that.

  • Well @muslim that's a serious question you asked in a not soo "good place" ...

    But I think I am the right person to answer this question . (why you ask - because 7 of my friends belongs to islam religion and two of them died when i was just 9 years old because of riots.. )

    If you want to know what happend keep on reading..

    (When i was 7-9 years old) -
    So when i was little my father who was in army used to take me and my brother to his best friend's house ( I don't remeber uncle's name but we used to call him mohmmad uncle) . the thing is mohmmad uncle was single that is his wife died even before i was born and he raised his only son by himself and since mohmmad uncle loved his wife so much he didn't even thought of remarrying .
    Now on such a day it was holiday i remember correctly .. me and my big bro we were playing in mohmmad uncle garden and a car stopped by house it was a goverment officer car and a officer came out and rush to my father and mohmmad uncle and so in curiosty i followed him too and then the officer said something to my dad and uncle (in very low voice) and after a few seconds mohmmad uncle fall to the ground and it was like for me ... time stopped for a second and i didn't know what happend .. My big brother rushed and my dad picked up uncle and the officer called ambulance and turned out it was a heart attack.. And mohmmad uncle died .. i didn't know much what exactly happend but later as i grow up my dad told me what happend on that day when mohmmad uncle died or rather he told me how he actually he died ... What i think that it was not a heart attack it was murder so what happend is ..( it was my birthday we had a big party and then my dad asked me what i want to become in future so i told him that i want to join indian army and protect my people and my country) ... When my dad hear that he was shocked or frozed for a moment it's like he was seeing some incident from his past and when he came to sense he take me to roof and told me the story about watan mohmmad the son of mohmmad uncle and he told me how watan exactly died and you know what i literally cried that day super hard ... So what happend exactly .....
    Story of watan an indian muslim army men
    Watan mohmmand was son of mohmmand uncle and he joined indian army ... First thing is this the word "watan" is an indian name which means or signifies "nation" so that name has a irony in itself... Now back to main part watan joined indian army and he was transferred to jammu & kashmir border and on such a day after several weeks of joinning on a day he saved around 50 life by rescuing the villagers in that area from being attacked by terrorists....

    but the unfortunate thing is on his way back to home i.e fron jammu & kashmir border to his home that is in jammu he was kidnapped and was killed by terrorist and the condition in which his body was found is bad ( the condition was soo bad .. My father told me that he was about to vomit even though being an army man ... Watan fingers was cutted down and his eyes were taken out and much more that you probably don't wanna imagine ..) and as his father(mohmmad uncle) was told that his son died his father died of heart attack... The bad part is when watan was on his way back home he was not wearing any uniform so there is no way anyone could knew he was a army man and also the people who killed him was of his own religion that is watan belongs to islam and the prople who killed him also belongs to islam ....

    Where watan signifies love for his nation and his peoples aka PEACE and those who killed him signifies evil ....

    And also

    There is a father who belongs to islam and who loved his wife soo much that he did not even thought about remarrying even in being in his 30's and raised his son with a proud name of watan and raised him to be a army officer..
    An islamic father who's best friend was indian and they both were true friends ,
    And a young man Watan mohmmad who saved almost 50 peoples from being attacked and died for his nation India being a Proud indian muslim ...........

    And there are people of islam who killed him

    So if you read the whole part i just want to say religion doesn't matter what matter is upbringing

    Thats all folks

    Corrupt man

  • @alwaysstranger Well thats true don't know about the ant thing but yes we believe in the big bang we don't believe in evolution Islam says homosexuality is unnatural so that what we believe and our religion says and we are free to believe whatever we want so well if you don't like it it's your problem you should rather do something productive as in spreading awareness against STDs,cancer etc rather than trying to misinterpret Muslims as Terrorists

  • @alwaysstranger you need a rest

  • @alwaysstranger nah you're just simply lost and confused hence the need to rest

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