Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?

  • @muslim sure dude. my expectations are 0 after you told me that you don't believe in science and that since you think being gay is unnatural you have 0 problems with verses in the quran that say gays should be killed

  • @nabila-kaneki of course not. I'm an ex-muslim now atheist but you know what.

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  • @muslim said in Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?:

    @alwaysstranger big bang and evolution are nothing but a holy crap for weak faith people . who has nothing to do with the truth .and stoping fking telling me u are ana arab.

    Cool. So 1st you don't believe in science. @noone , @Sir-Devil and @Lucifer look at this idiot

    2nd I'm Palestinian

    i dont give a damn . islam is not about ur faking race its for all humans not olny ur dmub ass bor . and im am done of your shity talk all the time keep taging me in no matter what . i didnt give up on my topic . u didnt convice me .

    You don't believe in science nor logic. I never had any hope of charging your mind on anything

    and u still didnt prove anything ... i can say 90% of people here said No ... the last 10% ..5% of em dont know shit . and the other 5 didnt prove anything . and to be honest ... u didnt change a thing here ... i asked for an opinion not ur fking life as an ex muslim . no boddy cares . come the fuk on man be real .... i have enough evidance to break ur ass up . its simply that u chose not to belive cuz itstoo hard for u.

    1st you don't decide who proved what.

    2nd i don't expect someone who does believe in science to know what evidence is

  • @muslim said in Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?:

    how come people in 2017 still beilve that islam is a religion of terrorist .


    Oh i don't know. Maybe it is because of the existence of something called jihad or maybe because even though not all Muslims are Terrorists, 99.9% of terrorists are muslim

    did anyone of you visited a muslim country .

    Excuse me. I'm a Palestinian who was born in syria

    did they blow you ?

    No Muslims have blown me but depending on the individual, I'd be open to the suggestion

    i mean wtf guysits 2017 ... dont copy what the media says to ur small mind and put it here to proove noting but shit .

    I don't watch tv. Infact, in my option, the first step to free thought is to stop watching tv

    be real .do you really think 9/11 benladen's deed .


    come on ... didnt jorje bucsh said he killed benladen . then obam killed him again ... i mean like what the hell people .are there more stupid people in the world .


    the goal from this topic is to change for the best .not to mke it worst .what about the american muslims . the uk muslims people from all over the world are they all terrorist or just the arabs . come on be smart

    No they are not Terrorists. But a lot of them said that they'd prefer to be under shariah law than democracy. And do i really have to explain why that's horrible? Shariah law punishes homosexuality, atheism, apostacy... by death and it is super anti-woman

  • @Muslim islam is not religion of terrorism, the ppl who used islam for kill other ppl they just dont understand what the real meaning of "jihad" .. coz islam not teach to kill other ppl

  • @Ayesha-Khan oh fuck off

  • @bobbys.noona oh fuck off

  • @sarah oh fuck off

  • Islam and all religions are poison. And islam is the worst religion out there. And this is coming from an ex-muslim

  • @Muslim i don't care if you respect it. I'm happy about it, now i can live without thinking that woman are inferior to men, that gays don't deserve to live, that the sky is held up by 7 long polls, that my friends are going to hell...
    And also all science goes against islam
    Evolution is a fact
    The sun revolves around the earth
    . . .
    Those are all things that the quran goes against

  • @Muslim and according to islam i should be killed. Because the punishment for appostissy is death.

  • @sarah if you think that all religions are equal, it takes a serious amount of ignorance towards religion to think that

  • @bobbys.noona are fucking stupid or something, just saying "that's just your opinion" doesn't make it false, especially when i FUCKING GIVE YOU THE LOCATIONS OF VIOLENT VERSES IN THE FUCKING QURAN, SAYING THAT ISLAM IS VIOLENT isn't just a fucking opinion then

  • @bobbys.noona oh shit. I send the verses to someone else. One second

  • @bobbys.noona Go fucking get your Quran and read Surah 5 verse 33, Surah 8 verse 12 AND THEN TELL ME ISLAM IS A FUCKING RELIGION OF PEACE

  • @bobbys.noona i used to be a fucking muslim I USED TO BELIEVE THIS BULLSHIT UNTIL I REACHED THE AGE OF REASON.

  • @Muslim why do you think I'm sick? Because i don't think being gay is bad, because i don't think people who leave islam should die, because i believe women are equal to men, because i believe in science, evolution and the big bang. Are you fucking stupid

  • @sarah ok why not SOLVE IT TOGETHER on chat

  • @sarah one second. I'm making my own topic called "fuck islam - sincerely from an ex-muslim"

  • @Muslim oh fuck off. " you go against nature", "you tell lies about religion", "you were never a muslim". Are you fucking kidding me.

    1. How the fuck do i GO AGAINST NATURE?
    3. Who the fuck are you to decide if i was a Muslim or not? (I speak fluent arabic, was born in syria and i was in a muslim school and i was a real muslim for 13 years)

    So fuck you

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