• so suppose u die n come back in life what will u do?
    mostly people continue their life like nothing happen. see here for more information
    butttttt nobody don't wanna share their afterlife experience. then how tf u will know about after life. 😂

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    @DragonBall33 well afterlife i dunno even i dont know about real life too

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    @DragonBall33 said in why we don't know what is after life or what happen in after life ?:

    so suppose u die n come back in life what will u do?

    You meant I will suppose anything. There is no such thing like 'self'. Self is an illusion. Attributes of soul should be recognized as attributes of body.

    But still I'll suppose for you. I will improve my mistakes and will choose right decisions at correct time. How I will remember everything about previous life ?
    If I do not remember anything, how I will change my decisions ?
    It might be a superstition.
    Heaven and hell are based on multiverse hypothesis lmao. Even though, that hypothesis eternal inflation got failed.

  • That's a really interesting topic. What if we die, we don't go to "heaven" or "hell" (I don't believe in both), but we're raincarnating into another person? There were a lot of stuff like that going on.

    For example: A small kid in Ireland, was walking with his parents, and he saw a small pub. He said everything about that pub - who worked there, with names etc. Parents checked that, and it all was true.

    There are a lot of similar post over the internet.
    I believe, that we do die, but we're coming back, but our memories are wiped out completely. Or maybe we're going to another dimension to live?

    I really like topics like this one 😎😊

  • @namaste People who die and come back to life said that the saw something like light at the end of the tunnel that they were attract to it so there is that. And I think that if you will dig in you find they change something in their life.

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    I could never believe in heaven/hell or reincarnation, tho the latter one is the most desirable one for me.
    How cool it would be to be able to hit the reset button and try again? I wonder if that's what really happens or it's just void...

  • Why do u think that we dont know. I know. there is no "after life" at all. But there will always be decomposition - the thing that makes it possible for the new lifes to emerge and evolve

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    It is nice to fantasize about afterlife and other alternative endings but it's nothing. After life is like before it. Nothing
    I thought heavily about it few months back, dying gonna suck, like damn what a cunt if a thing it is, but I'm cool with it, not like I'm going to be the only one who doesn't die, it's happening, each moment it's closer, but yeah, make your peach with it, it is what it is.

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