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    Am I the only one here who indulges? I like most except opioids and we'll really most prescription shit, I never understood the feel hell sleepy or like bad hangover highs appeal, I fucking miss LSD, wish it was still around. Currently use a lot of ice and weed, where I am it's fair priced and easily available.

    Do anyone else? Or we all scared of fun?

  • Last coffee of the day at 3pm. Like when Robocop gives himself an electric shock to get rid of the wonky programming.

  • LoL, I actually never consume caffeine unless drinking jack n coke.

  • @INSANE-INSIDE I. Love indulging my drugs I like going fast

  • @INSANE-INSIDE Many years ago when I did a lot of recording, I just couldn't play/record anything worthwhile when high. What little music I could actually make viable takes of sounded SO COOL while high, but the sober playbacks were pure crap. And there were constant mistakes, playing high. It got frustrating and pointless. I didn't then give up getting high, but made it a point to always work on music sober. These days I only add some herb to tea, for the health benefits.

  • @INSANE-INSIDE okay musicians stoned in 1616? Maybe mushrooms in England of the time, but most musicians were too busy being taught harp, dulcimer, drums, recorder and voice. The music was either religious, local or even tavern songs. They had to stay sober to earn their food or be unlucky enough to anger the local Priest or Ruler and loose their life.

    As to music n drugs myself. No, i am already on enough Psychological prescribed drugs to NOT "wake up on the hood of my car with my keys in my ass, thinking the car is flooded" as Mr R. Williams would quote.