• Movie Buff

    Hey guys and gals. As you can read the title, yeah. There is nothing really special to say
    "hey guys im back". Im going make this simple and very clear.

    During that unknown day i decided "secretly" leave TWS without saying a word because its unnecessary and we've seen couple of times before where a fellow tws user makes an announcement
    Of themselves leaving and return. some of them never returned.

    I just really need making new online friends. For those who talk to me on discord vc parties.
    you clearly remembered why im saying goodbye like never going talk in vc again and pretty sure
    I start really need to focus myself mentally and physically. Im suppose start doing my life now that im 21 years old and should be in college rn. But i didnt went in. I choose a life where working boring jobs rest of my life and its extremely hard to express yourself even i dont know how i share my wants or a desire. Long story short, i basically wasted my life after graduated high school. So fucked up.

    What else? I dont care if you think im sore loser or lazy slacker. That's okay to call me that.
    As long , im happy and way to know my "life" doing alright. If that life been treating me so far.
    Im fine with it.

    If you somehow forgotten about me completely. It really dont bother me that much. Come and say hi.

    Am I still going for be a director? hope so. Im not going say yes nor not going say no. I think it's
    Too early to tell. One day inthe future i'll get there. No matter what age you are.

    about online friends..... are they nice? friendly? well, mostly i've been in LIS servers and damn right,
    They're friendly, nice and very passionate people you ever see.

    Still not going college. but i been thinking more rationality about applying film schools but again its
    Pros and cons. Helps you get in movie industry easier and very very very expensive.

    Jobs in September? i have to. My step parents mentioned me that i should go to jobs trainee, instead of working fast food restaurants. Job trainee paids you lots of cash and im not even sure how things going worked out? So, we'll wait and see scenario's.

    This return does not mean i stick here any longer and its sort of goodbye all over again cuz i got
    Alot of things get shit done, dont expect me to see my often these days.

    Any last words? Oh yeah, i'll be checking some replies tomorrow or later soon.
    I hope i expressed my points clear enough and understand why i've been gone in TWS.
    Its just an announcement.

    Thanks. Have a lovely life you endure. i dont know what i just said LOL

    ASK ME ANY Questions you like.

  • Veteran Mods One Woman Army

    Good to see you.

  • Movie Buff

    Damm where is everyone? Lol

    Its like im visiting graveyard here.

    @Sup hey man.

  • Chocolate Lovers ;) SPARTAN Global Moderator

    @IM-BORED Hi back, I’m Kat

  • @IM-BORED 😄

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