• So, I realised that my Seinfeld DVDs were taking up tooo muuuch spaaace on my bookshelf. And so I've DECANTED the discs into a little 3" wallet. But that leaves me with all the original sleeves and cases (and it does seem to me that Seinfeld boxsets in particular were ENVIRONMENT-HATING SINNERS in terms of having unnecessary layers of card around their product).

    I'm reluctant to throw them away because Kramer has a very funny face and 'stance'. But if you tell me to throw them away, TWS, I will. What should I do?

    seinfeld dvd.jpg

  • Give them to the needy and poor :joy:

  • I need friends

  • @pe7erpark3r You must think me a very bad man for not thinking up this solution myself. I will cut out the pictures of Jerry and co into coin-size bits and put them into the homeless' hats. WITH THE PROVISO THAT THEY NOT BE TRADED FOR DRUGS OR LIQUOR.

  • @Andrewjohnson I admit, having watched Seinfeld all the way through episode-to-episode, I could do with some Friends, too. I used to pretend to dislike it when girlfriends would watch it, but now I could really go for some Pheobe nuttiness.