• When I come to chat it's like this: Jump from room to room over and over, avoiding a LOT of people I just don't think would be a good match. Some time later finding ONE person to chat with, and it's OK chat, or it's not. Repeat, repeat, time and time again. Enough to make a guy want to just quit.
    So, I decided to try something different. Post here, and see what happens.
    If you're thinking, "Hey! That sounds exactly like what I go through!" then maybe we should talk.
    ~Message me, or Follow me if you are:
    A girl, put off by how things are in the random 1on1 rooms, looking for REAL conversation and
    maybe a connection, wanting a friend, and to BE one, kind, and want to be treated kindly, fun!
    ~You WON'T want to get in touch with me if you are:
    Looking for love or romance, "horny," juvenile, a game player, mean, full of drama, rude.
    Not everyone gets along with everyone, and that's OK. We may get along, or may not. Can't hurt to try, though, can it? Could end up good friends. Thanks for reading. Lazz