• "Throughout the year, we’re given holidays and their meanings as reminders to live our best lives," . "New Year’s is a chance for new beginnings, new intentions—a time to redefine our lives and for not taking our lives for granted."

    Want to keep some of your resolutions make a checklist, Let's face Ladies at times we all have that scatterbrain moment in our lives and it's nice to have a little reminder to help get us back on track.
    On my list is a simple but BIG one, " cut back on coffee " oh sweet bitter dark elixir how I love you 400 times a day ...will try so so hard to only 3 times. So sorry Bud's ( coffee shop next door) for the decline in sales.
    Someone said to me make 2020 the year of Pleasure, I say make 2020 the year of Kindness
    So what say you??