• Whoever you were, I had an awesome time talking to you.

    I hope you felt the same. You were a girl from New York that's originally from New Zealand. I a boy originally from England living in the annoyingly hot parts of Texas. You worked at a cafe and even on weekends (but only at nights). I working in the tech world as a low level IT guy, you thought it was pretty cool. You miss your home town and your beautiful pets and can't wait to be back, while I just wish I could move to the cooler parts of New York. You surfed, I...had not. I was into skateboarding and our conversation went to 2 separate legs (skating/ice skating). Romantic movies with the girl and guy that skate on a frozen lake can definitely be romantic in real life. Soccer was something we dove well into. You were an All Whites fan and oh how I teased you about it (or attempted to), Manchester was your second favorite, something you and my dad would probably bond over while I cheer as Arsenal is kicking their butts! What was that injury you had again (twice) from playing soccer on that position you played? I know it made me imagine it and it sounded painful.

    Our conversation went on for close to an hour, you asked me the time and I teased that you should get to sleep, maybe that was a mistake. Your next thought was to leave and I couldn't tempt you to stay, I asked for an email but you were eager to leave. Called it an "adventure" and that "one day our paths may cross again." A final goodbye is all that I had left nothing more, nothing less.

    Whoever you are, I had an awesome time talking to you.

    Final snippet of our conversation:

    girl 3:11 AM
    we have been talking for nearly an hour lol
    SadAndLonely (m for f) 3:11 AM
    yeah i just noticed haha
    SadAndLonely (m for f) 3:11 AM
    hopefully i didn't waste your time
    girl 3:11 AM
    nah it's been nice
    SadAndLonely (m for f) 3:12 AM
    shouldn't you be getting to sleep soon, didn't you say you work weekends?
    girl 3:13 AM
    yup i should it's a good thing i don't work early
    SadAndLonely (m for f) 3:13 AM
    oh durr, shoulda thought about that
    girl 3:13 AM
    anyway i actually should go to sleep but it has been nice talking to you
    girl 3:13 AM
    SadAndLonely (m for f) 3:13 AM
    It really has, would you ever want to talk again?
    girl 3:14 AM
    SadAndLonely (m for f) 3:14 AM
    do you have an.. email?
    girl 3:14 AM
    indeed i do but want the adventure in that
    girl 3:14 AM

    SadAndLonely (m for f) 3:15 AM
    That's fair, how can i reach you?
    girl 3:15 AM
    one day our paths may cross again but until then you have this weird but wonder chat to remember me by
    SadAndLonely (m for f) 3:16 AM
    Oh no, don't do that to me lol
    girl 3:16 AM
    adios i'm out
    girl 3:16 AM

    girl Left

  • This might now be my most favorite post on this site. Thanks for bumping this up @edgythoughts-wmv

  • @sadandlonely Haha. This is a really cute way to end a conversation. The joy of knowing that you met someone that understands you and the painful truth that you'll never be together.

  • @khai My pleasure :)

  • Loved our snippet :x

  • Lol, i have the full convo also, would really like to talk to her again though.

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