What's the silliest reason you've ever gotten into a fight with someone?

  • I remember back then my mom had gotten me this really nice and plush carpet that I had wanted since a long time(I used to LOVE Pokemon back then and the carpet had Pikachu on it!) I had this annoying childhood friend Liam who wouldn't listen to me when I asked him not to step on that carpet(it was meant to be walked on but I didn't want it to get dirty)and thus after trying to covince him for an umptieth time, I punched him..idk how did I manage but he had a bruise on his chin the next day!(cuz he had this huge built) And yeah I was freaking grounded for a week due this incident. As I think of it now I guess he didn't actually deserve the punch so yeah it was probably the silliest reason I'd gotten into an argument with someone.

  • Uh, I can usually get into arguments with people over words. yeah like saying something not clearly enough. happens way too often. i get into arguments to easily. but only with family somehow...

  • @Anastasia-Smith You're right that it was an overreaction, but in your defence you had tried communicating verbally with him several times, he plain wasn't listening, disrespected you and your property then did it anyway. You were kids, kids do this sort of thing, and I imagine that now you're older you'd both act differently.

  • @Matt_Aranha so what was your silly reason? Got any?

  • @petrapark3r legend has it..we often fight with the ppl we're closest too..since they can get on our nerves any time they want😂

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    @Matt_Aranha so what was your silly reason? Got any?

    I probably do, although typically folk get frustrated with me because when they're ranting and trying to argue with me I stay calm or just walk away until they have grounded themselves. Will think about it and get back to you 🙂

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    I had this annoying childhood friend Liam

    Was it Liam Gallagher?

    Me, a bloke I worked with put some coke on his fingertip and touched the base of my neck, and I tried to take out his legs like Jackie Chan. If Jackie Chan was a passive-aggressive Englishman.

  • @Indrid-Cold nope its definitely not Liam Gallagher.

  • @Indrid-Cold wait so coke got you pissed?

  • @Anastasia-Smith YES M8. You did ask for the silliest reason...

  • @Anastasia-Smith a toast(no joke) 😂😂😂

  • @Indrid-Cold ah no wht I meant was that who had a major role in that the coke or the dude?

  • @Anastasia-Smith 50/50. He was about 20, and I was about 28, so I should've been the bigger man, innit.

  • @Astatine mind elaborating🤔?

  • @Anastasia-Smith so i always eat the lunch of my childhood friend but lately another friend of mine started to do that too it didnt bother me that much but one day i was so hungryy so i went to him and told him that he shall stop cuz he always has food by himself (i dont) so then he said "Well then why dont u bring some food?!" i said "cuz i dont have to but if someone like u comes" and yea from that point it went down

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    @Matt_Aranha so what was your silly reason? Got any?

    Okay, so not a proper "fight" but this was pretty silly, maybe stubbornness on both mine and my ex's parts.

    Put aside for a moment that she was a pretty volatile hot-headed alcoholic who often had a go at me for no reason then would make huge apologies a day or so later. I remember one occasion when she had gotten into a strop with me about something, I can't even remember what. She needed some groceries, the shop was by the bus stop I needed to get home (we lived 30 miles apart so did well to last 18 months, but when she wasn't drinking the relationship was amazing, perfect even), so we walked there together during which she wouldn't speak to me at all. We weren't going to be seeing each other for a few more days at best so I really didn't like leaving things unresolved like that. She was still quietly raging though. And when we got to the bus stop she just turned her back on me and started walking away. I started to say something to protest that we weren't even having a farewell hug or kiss, because you just don't do that to a partner when you're saying goodbye however you're feeling, what's inside doesn't change and you recognise that you're going to work together to push through the glitches. It really was something petty she was fuming over too; if I genuinely deserved this treatment I'd hold my hand up to it.

    Anyway, she half-turned her head over her shoulder and snapped back "Don't even speak to me!!", to which I was left feeling pretty alone abandoned and desolate at the bus stop. The silly fight isn't that, rather it's that we didn't communicate for days afterwards for daft reasons. She (atypically) expected me to get in touch, didn't make any apology at the time, wanted me to do all the work to repair things so this was the one single time she flew off the handle and didn't contact me with some sort of apology. I didn't contact her either because as far as I could see things she had told me not to speak to her and that meant don't try getting in touch until she was ready; I had already tried to talk to her and been shot down so thought I was respecting her instructions by not trying again. After five days of silence I'd had enough. I deserved better than to be ignored. I realised she wasn't going to message this time, still felt I wasn't allowed to message her, but felt there must not be a relationship anymore if there was no communication (the head plays funny games on you when you're distraught). I took her silence to mean things were over and switched my relationship status on social media to reflect that. Which she then took to mean I had dumped her 🙈

    We were back together in a couple of months and for the second time I got her off the drink for a while during which period things were the best they had ever been between us, though eventually she steadily took it up again and ultimately that's what caused things to end for good. But that "fight" and temporary split were for very silly reasons.

  • @Matt_Aranha now that escalated into something!