• A little rant

    I am not used to doing blogs and this is not really a blog, more of a little rant.

    Firstly, I just wanted to mention if I annoyed anyone I am sincerely sorry. However, I am getting sick of this one user on here. I understand I might of seemed like a douche to this particular user. But I tried to apologise multiple times. They continuously ignored me and blocked my feed so I couldn't talk to anyone.

    That is not fair. Just because we had a little argument , means I can't talk to anyone? Means that you got to try to make me out to be a villain? All I wanted to do is apologise and this user along with a friend made me feel like trash. I would of dropped this ages ago, if they had of just been up front with me. So, if you reading this I apologise for acting like a douche to you, as'well as acting childish. I will end this with postive note : I will be adding a few blogs and game reviews in future, so please keep a eye out and feedback is appreciated as it helps me with my english. I am trying to become a game reviewer as a side job.

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