• I'm a High school senior and im going to be a freshmen in college next year and im kinda nervous about entering college, idk what to expect so any advice about college, like what to and what not to do?

  • College for me was kind of like that step from Middle school to high school. Its a great experience. My advice to you is to pay attention obviously, but make new friends, and have fun with it. Make it as simple as possible!

  • Thanks, i'll take your advice :) @Corey

  • @stephanie-lift make friends with an athlete. I’m an athlete and our advisor try’s to give us the best teachers. That way you don’t have to be on rate your professor before picking classes. Oh, and be social. It’s hard at first but when the semester is over so is the class so who knows how many times you’ll see the people again.

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    @stephanie-lift welllll. I graduated when I was sixteen and moved to a different country. Biggest advice I have is choose your friends wisely. I hung out my freshman year with a bunch of partiers and spent more nights drinking than studying. Second, google translate. Seriously. Type alllll your essays into the translate box and have it read it back to you. It helped me catch soooo many grammar and spelling mistakes. You got this tho! Don’t stress!

  • @charzard thankss :)

  • @willoww thanksss