• Hello future generation. I hope this makes it to the next generation, but anyway people in the future I have some advice for you guys to take.
    And I’m not asking you to take it I’m suggestion to take it. (Trust me you will need it soon In you life) anyway the first TIP i want to give you. Is to always be YOURSELF no matter what. never change who you really are just to make other happy or to be friends with others, cause trust me they probably still won’t like you even if you did change, and if you change yourself make sure you change in a way it’s still you. Second TIP is, if somebody is telling you “You will never make it in life, you will never be anything” Take this advice (now listen close its gonna personal)
    Prove them wrong, don’t go along with what they are saying about you. The only way to shut them up is to prove them wrong
    If you follow these rules trust me you will be great in life!

  • Dear Future Generation;

    I'm sorry. I am sorry you are saddled with the mess we leave to you. I'm sorry the reason you are left with our mess I'd because of our greed, insecurities, and short sightedness.

    I'm sorry. I am sorry we taught you that our hates, fears, and cynicism was justified; that you fear or hate something because we taught you to.

    I'm sorry. I am sorry that we look as socially primitive to you as the Spanish Inquisition and Salem Witch Trials appear to us. That we have not reached the potential enlightening that you have or may reach.

    I'm sorry. I'm sorry we didn't make John Lennon's Imagine our international anthem.

    Us old people.

    Post Script: quit using so much social media and eat your vegetables.

  • @jasmine-kidd
    Awesome :)

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    Thank you so much ☺️

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    AMEN 🙏