• There is something that bothers me and I want to share it with you guys.
    When you tell someone that you are depressed, the other person will say, "It's okay all of us like that". But does he know what do i feel? Or if i was saying that because I'm done or not ? What I mean is, don't say anything and you don't know the feelings of this attitude. Don't say that you are so and you are not So when someone tells you that he are depressed, you don't just say, "Oh, I am also depressed it's okay" .
    No stay with him and support him, and tell him that everything thing will be alright soon just believe in god.

  • @lubnnaa01 wasgood hmu

  • I don't know why you are depressed but I hope it gets better for you coz I know the feeling

  • @lubnnaa01 you do have a point and i have experience in that regard. I believe the problem lies with the fact that there are so many depressed people these days that it is hard to support just one specific persom and also have your own life. I myself have 4 friends who are depressed right now. To whom do i give priority?
    Not to dismiss your question but it is kind of hard these days.