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  • @BigHomo33 you came back after 2 seconds. In 4 years you can see images of yourself doing whatever you did on that planet. It's just like a video recording from the past.

    Did you know that the static you could see on old TVs actually is the background noise from the big bang? We can look into the past, so that's pretty cool indeed. But it's still just like a video recording. No time travel involved.

    Btw, we do time travel all day long, just in forward direction only. And close to the speed of light it will even feel like time travel, since when you return, almost no time will have passed for you, while for everybody else a lot of time will have passed...

    What we can never do is travel backwards in time...

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    while you have stopped, I still try to understand it, as for example, wormholes, you have to understand it to know how time travels works, you must first have to know the teleportation, which can be explained through the wormholes

    I know that real science often gives us much more crazy things than science fiction might think up (white holes for example, which are basically the opposite of black holes where anything could come out, like unicorns or space whales).

    But the truth is that any mathematical model is just that: a model. It doesn't describe reality fully, it just describes a certain phenomenon. Newtonian physics describes movement pretty well and is still used today, but under extreme conditions it doesn't work quite so well (close to the speed of light). Along came Einstein, who brought us a mathematical model that describes movement at the speed of light.

    However if you compute the conditions with Einsteins formulas in a black hole you get infinite density. But there is (in all likelyhood) no such thing as infinite (density) in the real world. E.g. Einstein's model might simply be another edge case (like newtonian physics is for the einsteinian model) and we need a new theory all together which describes reality better.

    The same goes for quantum physics btw.: Even though quantum theory is the most experimentally substantiated theory in the world quite a few physicists say that we probably need a new theory which might be able to actually explain quantum effects.

    What I want to say is: just because the formulas say that two black holes could be connected does not mean that they actually can be connected in the real world.

    There is one curious thing however in reality that is a bit time-traveley: There are some people who made quite accurate predicitions of the future (like the children of fatima who predicted events of the first and second world war with some accuracy). So let me make one (private) prediction for myself: on the 15th, 16th or 17th of June 2019 something fatefull will happen to me and to someone I really care about.

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  • @du-du-du-dora yes its called being high as kite.

  • @pe7erpark3r really cool explanation thou. :+1:

  • @ash33 I saw that as.. We are talking here about the speed of light travelling. which delivers the subject's image as well. well, If you travel 4 light years or just freaking 1 sec, It's still as we all (you and earth dwellers) will be experiencing the same present, right? so if it takes 1 sec or 4 light years, it's still present. just the image will take a little longer to be seen (which wouldn't be the present). 2nd, you travelled in 2 secs because aren't we talking about speed? (which is more than speed of light)
    so timetravell doesn't work in that case for me. Thanks

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  • @ash33 go read that again. U may understand this simple yet awesome theory T__T.
    I hope you get this time.