• What if you travel back in time and kill your grandfather? Will your dad be born? And what bout u? And if u r not born how did u kill ur grandpa? Since you didn't kill your grandpa, he is alive. That means u r alive! And now u plan to go kill ur grandpa again? :joy:
    How would you stop this loop? :question:

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  • @Saloniii It's logic! :sunglasses:

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    Yeah a multiverse is created after the creation of the new timeline where everything happens differently according to choices made.
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  • @DIV and yeah i still doubt. "I know everything about everyone here!"

  • It depends on how you perceive your time travelling abilities to be. Remember, its still a theory and our imagination is based on the various "possibilities" that we have been made to believe through various modes of entertainment. Its ideally not possible to go in the past and change the current timeline, so any changes made should have no bearing on the current timeline and your existence would cease to exist in the alternate timeline thus created. The second paradox arises that in what timeline will you 'return' to... Since you're existing, I would assume that you will return to the current timeline which has no fore-bearing of your deeds and a parallel timeline will be created where you cease to exist as DIV pretty aptly mentioned.
    Either that, or you would be in an eternal loop like "Primer" where a different version of you is sent to stop the current version of you from committing the murder.

  • @DIV I have tons of them dude. Don't worry. We both have similar way of perceiving things. I have at least known that much.

  • @DIV said in How many of you can get it?:

    As you can see from the figure, when we travel into the future, the more ahead we travel into it, the more are the possibilities/outcomes.

    So when we go in past/future we r actually going in other timeline which is some years back/ahead relatively to current timeline?
    For instance, in current timeline, 2019 is running n a "time traveler" wanna go in 1919. So he just hope in a timeline where 1919 is running not actually in past but we can say 2019 in current timeline and 1919 in other timeline r running at same time but in different timelines ..

    So when we go back into the time, we arent exactly going back into our own timeline, but instead to one of the many point on that outcome cone.

    But what if the concept of going back in current timeline is 100% imagery n not matter how much we do progress/ keep evolving in future .. We can't go back in past of current timeline .. Yeah but we can go in other timeline's future/past which was running with same time of current timeline..
    Like suppose in a paper u draw vertical lines (which represents different time lines) and then u draw horizontal lines on it (which represents the path of time machine )

    So, when we kill our grandpa in the past.

    U both have same grandpa? I didn't knew that

    We are actually in a new timeline, where that outcome took place, and not in our current timeline. So, our original self, is alive and kicking, But its a copy of you in the many timelines of the universe, which is stuck in a constant loop.

    So u mean he killed his/your grandpa n indirectly he killed his/your copies in different timeline .. Yeah that makes sense to me ..
    So do u both wanna say on my this opinion ? Then say it i coz I wanna hear ur hypothesis 😅 which is improving my hypothesis ..
    N maybe we will help john titor on 2036 😂

  • @Gentle_man

    It's essencially what @DIV said.
    There's a multitude of timelines in our world,if you time travel and change something in the timeline you are currently living, chances is you will be thrown into an alternative/different timeline as timelines have infinite possibilities of the different outcomes life can take. Now let's say you time travel and just change a minor thing... you might not be thrown out of your own timeline and just change it slightly.
    There's an anime called Steins;Gate that touches this subject, where the MC travels tho time trying to alter his own timeline in order to reach his desired reality but some of his actions aren't strong enough to throw him in a different timeline :shrug:

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