A guide with Tips for things you can do in the public chat

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    Well, as you can see, this is a list of things you can do in the TWS public chat, so, here we go.

    play this music while you read it, if you want:


    To do it, the only thing you have to do is type some text between asterisks ( * ).
    Like this:

    2.-BOLD TEXT

    The same as the previous one but with 2 asterisks ( ** )for each edge of the word.
    Like this:


    Instead of 2 asterisk, you have to use 3 of them ( *** ) or each edge of the word.
    Like this:
    mix them up.png

    4.- RED TEXT

    Like the italics text, but you have to use, but you have to use this accent ( ` )
    Like This:

    5.- BLUE TEXT

    aka: hyperlink text

    This one should be an easy on, the only think that you have to do is type this:
    blue text.png
    where it says "The Link" can go empty, so you only get blue text.

    note: well, you can put a link over there if you want, so everytime someone click on it, I'll lead him/her to the site you put there.

    6.- A reply

    Well, to make a reply, you have to type a > at the start of the text you want to type:
    Like This:

    7.- Big Text

    The same as the reply, but instead of using the > , you have to use a #.

    8.- Strikethrough Text

    The same as the bold text, but you have to use this symbol: ~~
    Like This:

    9.-Emojis :|

    aka: emoticos.
    well, to put an emoji on the pub chat, you can check this list:

    10.- Share images from internet

    To do it, what you have to do is type this in the chat bar.
    upload images.png

    Now you'll wonder, how you can get the image url, well, here I'll leave you some ways to do it:

    A) On PC

    Step 1:
    You have to search the image you want to upload

    Step 2:
    Once you have the image, you have to right click on it, and then you have to click on where it says "Open image in new tab"
    step 1 ui.jpg

    Step 3:
    When a new tab is opened, you will see the image url, well, guess what, you have to copy it, and the paste it where it says "here goes the image url"
    stepp 2.jpg

    and then

    Now you have to make sure that the link is not too long, or otherwise it won't fit in the chat bar.

    The url of the image has to end in some image format, like for example: png, jpg, jpge, etc,

    You can also upload gif, in the same way as explained above, the ulr have to end in gif.

    B)On Android/iPhone device

    It's done in a very similar way as you would on a pc.
    The only difference is how you get the ulr, well, in that case, select the image, keep the touch until it says "open image in new tab", and then copy the link, and paste it as the same way you would on a PC.
    step1 and.png

    11.- Upload images form your device

    Well, this one should be more complicated.
    To upload an image you have to folow those steps:

    A) On PC

    Step 1:

    You have to make a new post click in on the red button whit a white plus on it, on the top of the site of course.
    red plus.png

    Step 2:

    When you're making a new post, you'll see this:
    a bar whit things.png
    Step 3:

    As you can see, there are many things you can do, besides, there are the types of texts explained above, well, leaving that aside, to upload an image, you have to click here:

    just click it.png
    Step 4:

    Once you've uploaded the image, you have to copy that link that appeared there, and then paste it in the chat bar like when you want to share an image of internet explained above.

    B) On Android/iPhone device

    The same stuff, but with a different interface:
    Step 1:
    Create a new post:
    upload images and.png
    upload images and st2.png
    Well, the rest of the steps are the same, so good luck with.

    12.- Upload sound/music (from your device too)

    idk if it works on Android/iPhone device (well, i haven't tasted it, yet...)

    The same steps when you want upload an image, but when you get here:
    a bar whit things.png
    You have to press here instead:
    Well, after that, just choose the sound/music you want to upload
    (the max file side is 25000 kB (or just 25 mb) so watch out whit that)

    It is recommended that the audio format is in .mp3, so you can listen to it from any device.

    Well, and that's all I can explain about things you can do in public chat, (actually those are the things I knew about what you can do).

    If something is missing, someone wants to say something about it or, you want to ask something, you have every right to do it.

    Now good luck with:

    note: If you ask me why I made this guide, it's because I was so bored, bored enough.

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