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    Hello, this is my first time ever reviewing games and it's long one tho. Life is Strange 2 is the second main entry of life is strange franchise and it introduces new characters, new setting, new plot. so, no more Max and Chloe.
    Episode 1 - Roads
    BTW, i'am not giving any spoilers in each episode but i'll try to give one away in the first episode. The story is about teenager Sean Daiz lives with his dad and his little brother Daniel in Seattle. the setting is in trump era, 2016. Something terrible happened at there home and forced two brothers runaway from cops and trying to reach place called Puerto Lobos in Mexico.

    After episode 1. I really like they set up the story and the moral message in this game is relatable to me because i have three brothers, two is 14-16 years of age and one is older than me( he's disabled mentally ), I'm only one who have to taken care of them and being there as big brother. that's my interpretation. also, there's political elements being shown and its not up forcing up your face, they use it as part of storyline which is intriguing. i don't find that annoying.

    the music is always great in every life is strange games.
    the presentation of look with better graphics is amazing improved.
    well written characters for sure.

    i must say there's few bad spots are it didn't have much crazy built up dramatic scenes like First season did. so far. what i meant that is after episode 1, theres not much going on.

    It's short, could been longer.
    same cringy dialogue and some chessy voice acting. there are some good pieces.
    im getting not ticked off by that because im starting to think that cringy dialogues, chessy voice acting is there style of life is strange franchise? maybe im totally wrong.
    overall, i think this best set up for new characters and new life is strange game.
    gotta give 8.5/10.

    Episode 2 - Rules
    this one is quite boring to be honest. we get another huge chunk of hour into game were just more character developing and it's all about Sean teaching Daniel some rules on his powers. The cool thing about this episode is crossover with captain spirit, a little boy with incredible imagination pretends to be superhero and having telekinesis power name Chris.
    their's spinoff game called the adventures of Captain Spirit before Life is Strange 2 comes out. I thought that sequence is really unique.

    theirs not much else to say. the pacing is huge issue and it still continued be like that in episode 3. when first day of episode 2 launch, it was bugy and glitches.....only thing I've liked is Captain Spirit part.
    gotta give 6/10.

    Episode 3 - Wastelands
    well, this is missed opportunity for me, i still liked it but could have been better.
    some LIS fans complaint this game has never much juicy parts and i do agree. this time they really went into characters too much and Rated R for nudity 🙂

    good thing, minor characters are likeable. Ends with the cliffhanger.

    if they could like add something interesting sideline story about missing persons on large freaking tree. that would honestly save the episode. But no, we get optional romance story and more ling on characters...

    oh yeah, this time Sean and Daniel getting more intense each other as brother relationship being tested throughout the game and worth noting each choices you made it will affect Daniel and the cast.

    this is actually let down and i still enjoyed more than episode 2.
    whats good about? were getting to the point where daniel become more dangerous and im worried about whats happens next on episode 4 and 5 finale.
    the characters are good but it shouldn't drag too long.
    of course, Rated R stuff is actually worth your time playing.

    once again, the pacing is huge issue. im swear, we get full one hour gameplay before the intro shows up, not even kidding. that's how slow it is.

    you might be asking are you looking forward into episode 4 and 5?
    i still have faith in this game, i really do. I'm half excited and half concerns.
    hopefully, next episode have many dramatic scenes and lots of going on.

    gotta give 7.5/10.

    episode 4 will release in August 22.
    episode 5 will release in December 3.

    thanks for reading my game review. drop a upvote and comment down if you think this sounds interesting to you.

  • That was good. You ought to do those more often. 🙂

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    @IM-BORED I’ve gotta admit I kinda gave up on life is strange for a long while, but this made me wanna play it again during the upcoming summer
    Great review, thanks Bored! 😄

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