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    @Emily-Harris heyy technically vaping is still smoking just that it's less harmful and stuff. Anyways, it's my believe that if you're trying to quit smoking,like totally, you'd try reducing gradually how many cigarettes you take daily, stay away from people who smoke, try meditation, keep your mind clean and don't stay around mentally exhausting stuffs or people.

    Is anyone or anything causing you to wanna smoke?? Cut off the bridge the best simple way you can with them or that thing. If it's family the problem, get yourself some headphones and listen to music to forget about them(thats what I personally). You can also get godparents who quit smoking so they help you through the healing process 🙂🙂. And also try church 🙂🙂

  • @Emily-Harrisy grandpa swapped to vaping after years of smoking and now he's quit all together!!! It's because a lot of vape liquids don't have the addictive substances in it. But your body is so used to smoking that you feel like you can't live without it. Then when you vape these ones you get rid of the addictive substances and your body gets used to that and you are able to quit smoking e lot easier because you don't feel like you need it anymore.

  • @Emily-Harris said in Can vaping help you quit smoking?:

    What are your thoughts about it?

    Only a strong will help in quitting smoking

  • Vaping helps you quit smoking no doubt. Add some nicotine gum to increase chance.

    However it doesn't stop you from being addicted to something unhealthy

    Therefore you should start an addiction to healthy things instead or toughen up and suffer withdrawal, commit to quitting, relapse couple of time, feel bad about it, develop a negative perception of addictive 'substances' (most things we do are addictive by nature but its bad when its directly ruining you) and then lower desire to always feeling good every second of the day, then substitute with physically healthy addictive stuff (sports, gym) and mentally healthy addictive stuff (things with delayed satisfaction)


  • Vaping is really good to teach someone to inhale before giving them a cigarette to get them to smoke cigs

  • From what I can see that has happen in my area. No vaping doesn't help you quit.
    Nicotine is the big factor and lot have overdosed on vaps. If a person really wants to stop.They will ;vap in no way or study done helped in any dramatic way.
    EVALI a identified lung disease linked to vaping
    So one must ask if your promoting the idea? That it must be for a reason.
    It's really simple my dad smoked 3 packs a day for 25yrs and quite one day. He had no cravings or ever smoked again. No one is better then someone else. I was able to do the same. Saying vaping helps you quite.
    It's like using a walking kane. Then a new almost not there walking kane comes out.
    It's still a kane and want help any one walk better or even walk without one.

    Why or how can wienning off ever work.
    Seems lazy to me it's simple anyone can no matter who they are.Quite and go forward

    It's simple one quites or doesn't.
    There's no in-between. Life's a zero some game.

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