• Someday, I will give this love to someone who is far more deserving than you. And you will regret it because you cannot find someone who will give you greater love as much as I do.

  • @_ajay_
    Thats quite a rant, eh?
    "I will give this love to someone far more deserving".....(followed by)....." you cannot find someone who will love you more than me". This seems to be a classic case of misinterpreted signs.

    You know what do guys who can't take rejection, based on misinterpreted signals of love, resort to these days? Physical abuse, Rape, Acid Attack, Maligning a girl (which has been done by you) and/or Murder. These actions are based on the concept of hurting of THE Male Ego, which unfortunately seems to be quite evident in your case too. Why else would you publicly lambast a girl and make sexist and personal attacks on her? Publicly slamming someone's appearance, seriously? Damn, buoy....You need to learn to listen "NO".

    And this entire rant (like any other rant) is based on your side of the story. It all seems to be based on what you assumed to be truth; what you assumed to be signs of love; what you assumed to be a mutual developing of feeling. I would expect a better show of respect and better application of moving on skills from someone who is experienced enough (as per the age). A "Thank You" post dedicated to her should be filled with good words or else its just sly jibes from a sore infatuater. You think you loved her? Well, if you did... then its an insult to all the well-known and highly acclaimed lovers who respected the grace of their loved one till the dying breath.

    A sore "Thank You" note from someone who posts about motivation and growth is as Ironic as it gets. I hope you learn, mate... Its never too late to improve yourself. Cheers!

  • @_ajay_ said in Thank you for leaving me....:

    @Wolfie_11 Girls now days expose themselves on Social Media to gain attention of other.

    Did you actually just say that? Lol.. Its their life, their social media and their choices. If you don’t like someone ‘exposing’ due to your regressive thinking, you always have the choice of unfollowing them. Its funny that you follow them till you sense a chance, and the moment you’re rejected... you start mud-slinging.

    This kinds of girls never deserving love of any one. They can just play with Emotions of other. So better guys would feel some one other who deserves that.

    Don’t tell them what they deserve, bruh. Just because they didn’t accept you, doesn’t mean they won’t meet someone better than you. You have the right to move on! But mud-slinging on the basis of rejection? Oof.

    Don''t motivate online escort.

    Oh man. Just because they wear what they want to wear, they become an Escort? Damn. Thats regressive thinking, mate.

  • @_ajay_ Ajay don't lose hope you will get a better one who is far more deserving than her. First stand on your leg and prove yourself. Ajay remember that we can't force anyone to stay forever so let her leave a better version of her will come to you. Ajay I just happy to know you are not sad

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    Gawd, strike 2.. Same comment in a row for me lol..

  • @_ajay_ said in Thank you for leaving me....:

    @Wolfie_11 No don't follow this kinds of girls.

    Well, if you can’t cut down on your regressive thinking, better not suggest me on unfollowing my progressive one. Hope you realise the mistake and look within to improve yourself. 🙂

  • @Rick-s Yes Thank you. I would not force. Her Life Her Choice.

  • @_ajay_ thanks for what. I will be always there for you bro. Just drop a message

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    @_ajay_ oh she said: Welcome

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  • @Wolfie_11 what is truth. Girls now days expose themselves on Social Media to gain attention of other.
    This kinds of girls never deserving love of any one. They can just play with Emotions of other. So better guys would feel some one other who deserves that.

    Don''t motivate online escort.

  • @Wolfie_11 Don't motivate escort kind girls

  • @Bela-Hella
    I don't need any Welcome or any responses of her. She is my strength but I can live at least one year without strength. What i m feeling for her currently are mentioned as shown below,

    U don't believe me but this is true she can only play with emotion to full fill their purposes. Emotionally Black-mailing is one of best weapon of her to distract other mind.

    100% conditional relationship means. She can't love any one, she can deal like Business Woman.

    I realized she can cross their limit to get attention of others. She doesn't respect her self and always miss use social media. I can't believe how any girl can do that ?

    She doesn't care her body, fatty and dirty look. Lazy girl, oh sorry lazy dirty girl. When ever she smiles I feel vomit, very dirty smiles of her,

    And her eyes look like any horror female character. Oh I think Horror Female Character'eyes look better than her eyes. Fatty Chudel. Chudel look more beautiful than her.

    She is like Zombies. Only one different between them Zombies live only for Blood, she lives for their purposes.

    And her upper lips look like female-monkey I think she would live in Monkey Zoo, at least their she can entertain without any purposes. Oh no, Impossible she doesn't do anything without purposes, i m sure she will expect at least bunch Banana to entertain others.

    Female-monkey never turns to Human. Thank God i m safe now. and God please save boys from those kind of girls or Chudel or zombies or monkey-girls whatever those are.....

    This is not end, next details about her coming soon....
    Thanks to her once again.... : 🙂 💕

  • @Wolfie_11 Girls would utilize Social Media to share valuable information not to Expose her selves.

  • @Wolfie_11 No don't follow this kinds of girls. But i was just wounder how any girls can do this ?

    They don't have self respect or what

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  • @DIV My face lol, they look like next call boys of female-monkey

  • @Wolfie_11
    Oh kid, this is not just about wear small cloth okay. If u don't know actual fact then u would better silent.

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