I've often heard it lamented, most recently by @AuroraFan, that TWS is more a one-on-one hook-up site than a bona-fide social media platform. There certainly seems to be a demand for, not necessarily dating, but one-on-one conversations, rather than good old-fashioned pile-on debates.

    So then, that's led me to the question, if there was an Uber-style company that pimped out (for want of a better word) paid conversation partners --NON-SEXUAL--, would you take that gig? I mean, surely it beats getting a regular job, eh? It might be awkward, BUT WHAT IN LIFE ISN'T? Would you exclude any topics of conversation? (In my case, that would be any sport except footie or boxing). If your chat client started talking about something you actually liked would you stop the meter or give them a reduction?

    Me, I'm about quality AND quantity. I often thought, if I took one of those bullshyney dog-walking jobs, I'd be the BEST DOG WALKER in the world. I'd say to the punter, "How far do you want me to walk him?", and she'd say, "Twenty miles, and take a photo on the outskirts of Swindon to prove you dun it", and I'd say, "Sure no problem, yo home to Bel Air".

    So, then?


  • @DIV said in Would you hire yourself out as a paid chatter?:

    Shrinks are paid for talking

    I don't want a conversation with any of those Land of the Giants types.

  • Yes. I'll certainly be up for that. I am going offline for a week and just got this thread before I left. :)

  • @Indrid-Cold Sure, who wouldn’t want to get paid for being their social self and potentially make friends

  • @Indrid-Cold I think I would, I love chatting to new people and just socialising in general.