• My name is Indrid Cold and I am full of radical solutions.

    Right now, it's Monday morning, and I'm about to leave for work, and it's like Raaarubsfacestaresatlightfilamenttriestorememeberhowtodrivecarsupposethere'ssomekindavalueinitall and I just think, yes, it's stupid, and it far surpasses any amount of suffering that's good for the soul, but at the same time...

    Maybe, in Heaven, there should be one Monday in every three weeks when we all have to do our original jobs from back on Earth, just to keep us grounded, just to remind us where we all came from?

    Or maybe there should just be a giant monument, at a very prominent position in Heaven, honouring everyone on Earth who had a really rubbishy job? I mean, if you could design that monument, what would it look like?


    falling down.gif

  • @Indrid-Cold

    It would probably be a giant bed with someone sleeping hidden under the blankets with a big warning sign that could be read as: "Do not disturb, IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, before 10am" :shrug:

  • @Indrid-Cold

    False God Superman

    Something like this.... Having our statue(not Superman’s) with the words ‘False Dawn’ (not False God) being inscribed on it. We would have imagined ourselves to be a ‘Dawn’ down here.. A dawn that lights is his own effing day by following a set pattern of routines. The only way to truely honour ourselves (ones with rubbishy work, and who actually do them) would be to make us realise the truth.. The truth that we were nothing, but a false dawn.

  • @Wolfie_11 That was more a more profound reply than I expected, but that said, agreed.

  • @Indrid-Cold mine would be a mirror, so every time we think we're top dog we can look at our self and remember we ain't shit