• Yesterday, I noticed a Mod changing the cover pics of some other users and though it was a friendly and good-natured banter, it raises the question of what amount of privileges does a Mod actually have? I have seen some of the other powers of Mod as well, namely-
    -Editing/Deleting other’s message in Public Chat.
    -Change the name of other user in their profile.
    -End the session of a user.
    -Ban an Account of a flagged user.
    .... and then some.

    So what I wanna ask is that what are the other privileges that a Mod has? Is it not a threat to our privacy? Why are the privileges of Mods not a public knowledge?
    The TWS Nation wants to know the answers.

    P.S.- This is not a rant. I’m just curious about the privileges that I shall possess after the next Mod elections :) I just can’t wait till then to find out. Blame it on yourself Mods, you have brought me to the edge.

  • Movie Buff

    Mods are indeed questionable.......

    No. They’re cool.
    And questionable... maybe.

  • @Wolfie_11
    I love the fact that the “mods suck” discussions havent died even after a year.

    Mods have the ability to see your IP, see pasts usernames. Basically err thing you can see and do in your profile, they can see as well (minus passwords)
    They can change your bio, edit your posts in both topics and public chat.
    Ban you, obviously.
    Revoke your session (which basically just logs you out and you have to log back in).
    Mmm, they can move topics to different categories. Change your pfp I think (been awhile, I cant remember).

    Word of advice for these “elections” coming up. That way you cant say someone did not warn you. Moderator is not a fun position...at all. It is very much so just a position people have to rub the power into other people’s faces and to basically do the admin’s job for em.
    But hey! Best of luck n you have my vote :)

  • @Willow
    Damn. You killed my Mod dreams with your wordly sword. Would definitely ponder about your advice.

    Also, I think the ‘Mods Suck’ propoganda is the essence of this place. No one likes to be controlled by others in power. So everywhile a new user will come, notice and rant about it. The Mod Army should be prepared for it.

    Besides, that was a perfect answer that cleared all the doubts. My gratitude and thanks shall be conveyed to you in the form of an Upvote. Regards!

    P.S.- Yes, they can change our pfp :(

  • @Wolfie_11

    Damn. You killed my Mod dreams with your wordly sword. Would definitely ponder about your advice.



  • @Wolfie_11
    First of all what is full form of P.S. ?
    And 2nd why u use that almost is every comment..
    P.s. just wanna know ur agenda 😅

  • @33CopAsh
    P.S. stands for Post Script.
    I use it to add some quirky comments in between my serious words. Always been using that since I read “P.S. I Love You”. The stoopid old childhood days :)

    P.S.- My agenda was to grab attention I guess lol

  • @Wolfie_11
    OK.. Nice childhood
    P.s. y so serious ? 😂

  • @33CopAsh
    You just reminded me of the Best childhood ‘movie’ moment :(

    Whyy Sooo Serious?!

    Dark Knight

  • @Wolfie_11 nothing really special, aside from responsibilities :)

  • @cjko
    Atleast we can delete the replies that are duplicated :p
    Thank you for clearing it out in a simple way, Ms. Responsible.

  • @Wolfie_11 hey! Why label me as Ms. Something ?

  • @cjko
    (Because you deserve it?)
    Okay. Ms. Cj. :/

  • @Wolfie_11 thanks tho

  • This is a perfect topic to ask this, to the mods even tho I expect none of them to reply.
    Why was @shakira banned?
    How was she unlawful?