• The mod topic has been around for a while and has received many replies, but how does one get selected? If I'm not mistaken it used to be based on the amount of upvotes a persons reply got, but I've seen people be modded with zero upvotes and even those that have made the cut without even applying. This could lead users to feel as if there is no point in even applying. Making it look like the site is being inconsistent & bias with their selection of mods. In addition to this the topic is littered with unrelated & old replies making it both a waste of time for the admin and for those that have replied with actual applications. To resolve the issues above I think that the mod topic should either be updated or taken down, creating a new one entirely. This will get rid of old & irrelevant replies making way for more new applications to be seen easier. Moving onto how I think the new mods should be chosen. I think that the admin should select 3 users from the mod topic that they think is suitable for mod and then let all the current mods and some specific non mods vote for the one they think that deserve mod. (This should be picked based on qualities of the person and not because they're friends with them). Then the one with the most votes should be given mod on a trial basis where the current mods will access them for a time period (maybe a week or so) to make sure that they do not abuse their power and meet their standards & requirements.

    This is my suggestion concerning the mod post, hope you're able to take something from this @TalkWithStranger .

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