• I'll never have you,
    I know now,
    I'm not for you,
    Well that's not so surprising!
    I've never deserved you,
    Cuz what am I?
    Somebody nobody even cares about.
    You can't even call me a somebody, cuz I'm more like a no one.
    And then you're the one everyone wants.
    Well....even I got sort of lost in that group of everyone.
    Maybe they think I'm a pathetic person who needs help,
    But, truly, for you, I could be so much more......
    Shouldn't have dreamt of having someone I was never worthy of,
    Should've stopped before things got out of hand.
    No one cares anyways...
    Cuz who am I?
    A nobody.

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    This is great @Ofc69
    Wish I could write like that.
    And if thats for someone irl, just let him go.

  • You´re special and unique in your own ways, so please don´t let yourself be defined in terms of whether someone loves you or not.
    Love is something that can´t be controlled or forced, probably that person values you as a friend, although he/she´s incapable of loving you in any other way. That doesn´t make you less valuable or worthy of his/her affection.

    Good poem, on the other hand. :)

  • @Ofc69
    You will always be somebody to me.

  • @Sup OMG that's for mah sugarrrrr <3

  • @LimeSqueezer Thanks pam :) that name is cool btw :joy:

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