• This is the original (ish) version of this amazing tune that has been remixed and revamped oh so many time ... but I chose this version for this post ...

    It's 4 o'clock int the morning and it's starting to get light

    Beverley Craven - Promise Me

    please ... anyone that wants to post various other versions of this track .. please Please do :)

    ps ... yes this is the gmt time I am going from @SunshineF ;P

  • DayShifter?
    What are you doing?
    . . .
    It is 4'o'clock in the morning. Why on earth are you posting Music Videos?

    ( Please get the reference . . . )

  • @DayShifter

    There's a version with 2Pac, I prefer the original tho :shrug:

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