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  • I will never put my gun down. It's awesome.

  • @Karina-Kara Eventually, in about twelve moves, I will persuade you to substitute your real gun for a gun tattoo like Raheem Sterling's.

  • @Indrid-Cold
    Come and take it!

  • @Karina-Kara But if I can persuade Charlton Heston's ghost to give up his gun, surely you'll have to follow suit?

  • @Indrid-Cold
    Ghost don't wield physical firearms. They use finger guns instead.

  • @Karina-Kara I guess that explains why Tony Blair keeps scratching his head. I'm guessing, then, KK, your answer in the poll is 'Shoot em up'?

  • @Indrid-Cold

    The comments on this video are sometimes hilarious.

  • @Karina-Kara Here's a question for you: if you could live your time again, would you still go to school?

    Because I think we could live for, like, 900 years and, morally, life would still be too short to spend a single day in school. This morning, I was toying with the idea of just hosting a topic where I encourage people to badmouth their teachers, so this sidetrack is a weird kinda coincidence.

    I guess in my case, I would still go to school, for the comradeship with my pals, but I'd do the barest of bare amounts of work, just enough to avoid getting expelled. And, very coolly, in such a way that they couldn't criticize my point of view, I'd let all the nerd teachers and nerd children know that they're ...nerds.

    The memory of my spending single moment in French class? What was all that about?

    Here's the thing. It's implied that you 'need' school. Really? I've had four jobs in my life. None of my bosses have ever asked to see my qualifications. All you need is confidence, and school instills in you the opposite of confidence.

    Am I being a di ck?

    Being gunned down in a school has surely got to be worst place to gunned down? Y'know taking it for granted that genocidal maniacs exist, and will go on the rampage anywhere...

  • @Indrid-Cold
    You're damn right. Schools are useless if you strive for aboslute knowledge. You will inform yourself in every living minute. You only need books, internet and your own experience for that to happen.
    Here is a video that i find quite good:

    So many uselss things are being taught in school. Math, for example, has no use in my life at all. But atleast i know algebra, right?
    But no survival skills for this modern world.

    And yes. Dying in a school has to be humiliating for everyone.

  • @Karina-Kara Agree strongly. At a risk of being extra sulky, I'd point out that the people who set the curriculum may even be hypocrites rather than just nerds. Because the people who taught me science were willing enough to teach me arbitrary stuff like what your man was rapping about, but they never said anything about the actual cutting edge of science, viz-a-viz quantum physics, and consciousness as a materialistic phenomenon. Is there a more important area of science than that? Ditto history. Everything about the twentieth century except communism.

    Look what I've got in here. It's my old headmaster.