• @PrincessLenneth
    my future wife is an alien xD
    Not really..
    But aliens r exist.. N its proved .. One proof is wow message..
    Which is traveled almost 200 year to earth (according to
    Space scientists )

  • That would depend on what you mean by life

  • I'm going with a yes on this one, on some small level.

  • @tehuzak Because of the universal law. and when you don't have the 12 things which make planet worth living then no matter how much galaxies you have. not to to mention the fact we didn't find any galaxy which have life in it.

  • Hey don't hurt my reputation ..... I am san-sui from Mars..😂

  • @PrincessLenneth possibly

  • @Zen00 hehe omg I'm sorry cx

  • What if I say that life exists outside of death

  • Music Lovers

    @PrincessLenneth said in Do you think life exists outside of Earth?:


    Who cares if there’s more life outside earth?
    That won’t affect us in anyway, so..

  • @AuroraFan said in Do you think life exists outside of Earth?:

    I thought you'll never ask!

    We have only 20x great grandparents dating back to the start of our own civilization here on Earth. 20 x 100 hundred years old. (20 centuries.) We know that there has been more civilizations but our civilization can reach Mars. 🙂

    Life is simply too good at what it does for it to stop right here on this planet. Life did not ask. It just took. It has happened before and it will happen again. I believe it happens all of the time on other planets too!

    What we our looking at here ladies and gentlemen is indeed the existence of alien humanoids out there somewhere. (We have this feeling because history repeats itself and that goes for RNA and DNA too.) I say humanoid because I would like offer the conception that there may be some that are from planets like Earth and they may have evolved to scientific intelligence. They have inherited certain cells depending on the their native habitat. We have inherited cells from a mixture of plant, insect, fish, reptilian, amphibian and primate but those are the only life groups we know of. There may be humanoids out there that have inherited genes that we can only imagine and their hormones do things that again we can only imagine. There may even be such life out there that do things we can not even perceive in our minds. The kinds of things only a God can know about and understand.

    The questions are not if and where they exist because the first one is for those who do not appreciate the power of their own existence. The second one is for those who do not appreciate just how far these portions of life may be from on another. Space goes on forever and ever.

    Yeah, it's an ifinite abundity out there, we never know what we'll find.

    The questions are how we learn about their presence and what will it do to the modern human mind in these PC times? If one of us discovers the other through signals or probes it is likely to be buried. (Such things are dismissed as hoaxes right here on Earth.)

    I doubt it'll be buried, cause real scientests are spending their whole lives to find real signals, WE as societies are really looking... It might get delayed, because people doubt, but doubt is the right thing, doubt is the heart of science...

    Will a Martian Archaeology Expedition dig up humanoids? Will they have wings and if they do will the people back here on Earth go to pieces if they discover that they were the angels documented in all of our archives? Were they Satan and that is that why the word 'Mars' is Latin for the word 'War'?

    The romans, like all ancient peoples, named the heavenly objects after their gods. Venus is named after the goddes of love. The roman god of war was called Mars. Mars however does not mean war, it's just that god's name. War means 'bellum' in latin...

    But what if they may psychologically or physically approach us? Will they be colonial? Will they be Brexiters or will they be remainers?

    Hehe 😂

    I believe in aliens.

    Before I believe something I'll wait for a scientific foundation. However I do know, that lots of things exist, that we neither know of or can explain yet (or ever).

  • @petrapark3r We may never truly find out the answer.

  • @PrincessLenneth yes because we were brought here by aliens 👽

  • @SunshineF That was almost my reply too 😁

  • @PrincessLenneth absolutely

  • Lets put it this way. The universe is so big we consider it infinite. We are here on earth so there's a pretty big chance in the infinite universe for life to exist. After all, we are the living proof.

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