• What is your stand for this? Guys ang gals ? 🙂

  • Who ever chooses beauty isn't that bright.
    And who ever chose intelligence over beauty tells us that they don't care about looks. Rather more about the inside.
    This is only my opinion. Don't overreact.

  • **if you ask me I will choose to be super attractive **

    We humans are basically attention seekers and love to make others feel jealous of us. I don’t mean that smart people don’t get attention but believe me, being 100 times more good-looking and attractive is much better than being 100 times smarter. I can be someone’s trophy husband (or wife) and live the rest of my life in peace. Also, good looking people always have an edge over the smart ones. It will be very tough for anyone to ignore you and it is a little easier to achieve things that way.

    I would rather learn and explore things on my own than be a know-it-all and act like a nerd.

    Also, we all show off how much we want to know things but answer me one question honestly :

    Which one of these have you done ?

    (a) Seen a celebrity picture and wondered, “I wish I could be as stunning as him/her.”


    (b) Stood in front of a scientist’s photo (be it Einstein, Newton or anyone) and wondered, “I wish I could be as smart as him.”

  • @Karina-Kara
    Indeed, beauty is what's inside.
    It is not something that you can hide.
    Rather, It comes out naturally like a tide.
    Those who judge a book by its cover have no minds.

  • smart but not too beautiful.. because if you are smart you will look beautiful.

  • @cjko beautiful but not too smart 🤷

  • What most people don't realize when they read a question like that is that this is not about being superficial or not. Because wether you like someone for their looks or their brains, you like them for their body. Nobody made himself smart. You can only make yourself stupid. And people don't make themselves beautiful either (I find almost all results of cosmetic surgery downright ugly).

    I would chose something entirely different: the ability to connect... What we need is neither beauty nor smarts, we need meaning in our lives... and these things cannot give meaning.

    So that said, I believe it to be stupid, to deselect someone for their looks or their brains. All people are crazily interesting, if you only know how to listen. The criteria to chose the people around you should be: are they good for you or not. And then, if you became strong enough, you might try to help one or another of those who are "not good for you"...

    But I most be honest too. I could not be with a girl I don't find attractive. I don't buy into beauty ideals though, I cannot really define what I find attractive, but I have found very very different women attractive in my life... The reason simply being, that she would see that in my eyes, and it would hurt the relationship. But thank god people are different and like different things, so that's not really a problem...

  • @Alte said in Would you rather be smart but not too beautiful? Or beautiful but not too smart?:

    @DarkIce69 I think this wish is already granted haha. Hello.

    haha lol....not at all...I'm just ugly...bcuz I've already lived the life of smart but not beautiful, I wanna live the life of beutiful but not smart...😂 lol long time no see man

  • @cjko
    Aren't we already?

    But you have memes.
    Memes solve every problem with comedy.

  • @IM-NOT-HORN FB_IMG_1545184346621.jpg

  • Now you have made me look up my own memes. They are terrible as well.
    Here goes nothing:

    Let me crush your-.gif


    PIZZA TlME!.png



    "We need higher concentrations of blood sugar and glucose levels, sire!".jpg


    Tell me what you felt at the bottom of your soul watching these.

  • @cjko

    I would rather be smart and beautiful 😏

  • @cjko How do i formulate my sentence so, that i won't insult anyone in a 100 mile radius?
    Some people like some people for their intellect ONLY and some people prefer some people for their looks ONLY. And the last one is for obvious reasons.

  • @reviewer_1 B, for me. I always look high upon scientists of any kind.

  • Freedom Writers Movie Buff

    @IM-NOT-H***Y this is what gets the girls (and i mean, the great girls), a guy with confidence goes a long way. 👍

  • Freedom Writers Movie Buff

    @Lurker ah! smart. 😏

  • Freedom Writers Movie Buff


    The looks is what we usually see 1st so I find it hard to be with someone i'm not attracted too

    we need to be honest about this. im all for dating a guy for his brain and not his looks but lets be honest, if i dont like what im looking at, hes not even gonna get to look at the dimple up close. 😏
    (at the same time, he may look exactly like what i like but if he cant hold a conversation, looks wont save him)
    the thing is, everyone has a different taste (thank goodness) so the whole beauty question has many levels.
    honestly, i feel that people who feel ugly use this against the world to try and prove a point, and also to make others feel bad.
    maybe this is a touchy feeling for me 😆 but im all good, i like brains over looks, but i agree with my buddy here, if im not attracted to them, physically, i guess we stick to friends, which is almost better.

  • @cjko I'd rather be young, dumb and beautiful with a heart.

  • @pe7erpark3r The best answer so far.

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