@cjko @cjko beauty relating to aesthetics isn't really objective as western society makes it to be-simply nice body with seeex appeal. So no. Beauty isn't just your body(face included)/10 by definition aesthetics take in count in all physical and mental factors SO THOSE IDIOTS WHO SAY 'Beauty is whats inside' are no different to those who initially said that 'Beauty is whats outside'(basis of western culture) Cuz there simply is NO PRINCIPLE TO BEAUTY its art in itself You ultimately want to be beautiful in everybody elses term 100% no doubt- you wont be asking this if so. So my best advice- Because a person is composed of the spirit and the body, become the best in both. Once you develop the spirit(yourself) enough, you will care less about this whole topic. It never is easy and people act dumb to it and do things to forget about it or fix ite.g. addictions as they are so consumed Hope defensive dont rip me head off, ESPECIALLY those self affirmative handsomes who want to stand for 100% inner beauty