• Does every problem in life make the person stronger?

  • @Alan-Blake No. It's all up to the way you take it. Some people can't overcome the shit they have to deal with and end up in the same pile. Problems change you, but not necessarily in empowering you.

  • Soul Searchers

    @Alan-Blake I believe that it should make them wiser. At least if they learn anything from solving the problem.
    How you deal with the problems that life throws your way helps to define who you are as a person. Problems are one of the tools that God (my opinion) uses to mold your persona.

  • @Alan-Blake It is not the problem that makes you stronger but how you deal with it. Every problem you can move on from eventually, makes you stronger.

  • Possibly, unless the problem is that your parents are anti-vaxxers.

  • Soul Searchers

    @theKing but as you said in your last sentence. "Problems change you". Unless they are complete idiots they should at least realize that they are unable to resolve the problem. That alone is knowledge.

  • Being still here, i can say that life always manages to surprise me. Not off guard but rather in an annoying way.
    I see the evil side of humanity. I see the good side of humanity. And it always repeats the same. It's limbo.
    But i can say this: Yes, they sure made me a hell lot of stronger then i ever was before.

  • I would say yes. Set backs were given to us for a reason and for us to learn how to be wise, strong and to be resilient. Life has its ups and downs, it's not always a bouquet of roses. Ups and downs in life mean , you are living. I agree about the phrase "we learn from our mistakes" , we are just human and we make mistakes. If you think most of the time about the problem, you will just navigate the negative forces... think more of the solutions instead than being stuck

  • in short no normally people who gets the most shit thrown at them are the weakest, and take drugs to escape this sad reality you just get that impression from the media beacuse people with the biggest problems seem most interesting, but if you remember michael jakson, and Robin william werent both very strong

    of course there are exceptions, but please belive in your self if your facing hard ships

  • @wet-teri Some problems can't just be solved the way you want them to be. Your loved one is gone (let's say an imminent disease), what's the wisdom within that, that you shouldn't find another one because it might happen the same?

  • Soul Searchers

    @theKing the wisdom comes from the knowledge that was gained as well as how it was acquired and how it's used. I didn't mean that problems make you better, but they should give you some insight towards the appropriate response to eliminate the problem.
    No that's not what I meant either.
    The wisdom comes from the knowledge that you gain when you deal with the problem, however you choose to do so.
    I'm too tired for this tonight.

  • @Alan-Blake problems in life usually happen because of the result of what the person did. Its dependent how the person see it, if he see at as "wake up" call for him then he can take the problem and turn it to something good. If he see it as "life want to f**k me" then he will make his problem dipper.

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