• What's the opinion of TWS users on cyclists? I've got a pet theory that no one actually likes or approves of cycling except the cyclists themselves, and to all other members of society they're so annoying you just want to pull out your own skull and smash it with a hammer. One of life's great joys, I think, is when you're driving along the highway in GTA V, and there's a cyclist and you can just mess with him.

    They really get on my WICK. I'm referring mostly to cyclists on main roads, the way you get large queues of cars dangerously swerving in and out waiting to overtake. There's two main objections I have to these weird, weird jerks (for they are weird jerks, right?)

    Firstly, by my estimation, cycling is just a conceited version of walking. So you need to travel five or ten miles? Either walk, drive or use public transport. What's the point of getting dressed up like a lycra-covered clown gimp and wasting precious concentration staring straight ahead when you can just lope along listening your walkman, supping liquor, watching the world go by, just relaxing?

    My second objection? Frequently you get these massive belle nds cycling along the main road between my home town and the town where I work about fifteen miles away. But here's the thing: there are two beautiful country lanes running parallel either side of the main road. If they've got to cycle, why not cycle along there? They're more or less the same distance as the main road, and there's about 95% less traffic. Y'know. It's as if they like the danger, and annoying ordinary taxpayers.

    So, what do you think? Should my opinion be vindicated, or am I just a ranty di ck?

    With regard to cycling being OK because it's good for the environment - personally, I don't care about the environment.

  • yep and im proud of that statement, but you know you can always drive on the sideways for some population control

  • @Indrid-Cold Hows about stay off the pavment :thinking_face:
    As a pedestrian, especially at night .....cyclists come out of nowhere, scare the crap out of you and vanish.
    I get the road thing, but the thing is .... they Are still road users which happen to have the same rights as the motor drivers. I mean hek.... they een have their own parts of the road and the pavments to cycle, but many still persist on using the pavment for the walkers :/

  • understanding each other wouldn't hurt..

  • How do i say this?
    I am a cyclist (Not really, but i sometimes have to use it).
    I don't own a car. Don't need one, as i have the bicycle. I either wander to my destination or use the boneshaker.
    Also i agree with the third vote option: Staying away from (major) traffic.
    I sometimes drive as a passenger and the cyclists on the road are SO confident, like they should be treated as a semi-truck. That is ridiculous.
    They shouldn't be that confident. One brush and they could be a goner. They need to give more space. They have 2 wheels, not four. And don't weigh a ton.
    Motorcycles are no problem, as they have their speed on their side. But cyclists? Way too slow.

    But here is the thing:
    Here in Germany everyone is strangely dependent on cars and everyone is also so lazy to walk on foot. What happend?
    Roads. Lots and lots of roads, high- and speedways happend.
    And, as a part-time cyclist, i cannot use them. Which isn't fair.
    So i need to use side roads with some traffic on them from time to time. And with that i then become your pet peeve.
    There need to be more STRAIGHT roads leading to other cities that are for wanderers and cyclists ONLY. They almost all disappeared.
    Many highways run straight through my routes and i have to take unfunny detours.

    Also some people like to stay fit.
    You sit on your butt, you finally don't skip leg day and breath in some healthy CO2 emissions from all the cars around you
    What else do you want?

  • @Karina-Kara I agree it would be cool to have more straight-line routes for cyclists and walkers only. There's one such between Bath and Bristol (the biggest cities where I live) and it's a JOY. Calne to Chippenham is also a life-saver. Unfortunately, our Council is so cash-strapped, it looks like there's never going to be any more. I can see why you're angry, though, K. I understand that the German government is quite rich, so they're probably got no excuse for not investing in cycle paths.

  • @Indrid-Cold
    Actually, there is a whole community dedicated to cycling here. Berlin, for example, has so many cycling roads. I acutally think every major city is like that. But it is a problem on the rural side.
    Unfortunately, the goverment invests the most money into the highways...