• Movie Buff

    Welp R.I.P TWS.


    Well heres my top 50 favorite movies of all time i did 12 movies bc im lazy and would took long.

    1. A Clockwork Orange
    2. Love Exposure
    3. 2001 a Space Odyssey
    4. Chinatown
    5. To Catch a Thief
    6. Apocalypse Now
    7. Barry Lyndon
    8. Cannibal Holocaust ( this is controversial to put it in my top 10 and personally i dont love the idea of putting real animal cruelty and getting killed on screen and the overall message of the film is deeply darker truth. Last thing is the soundtrack. The first two songs is absolutely masterpiece.)
    • if you are curious enough to watch the un cut version of the movie? You should be very cautious and well prepared *
    1. Vertigo
    2. Evil Dead (Old one)
    3. Sleeper (Woody Allen movie)
    4. Saving Private Ryan ( My favorite war movie ever. Steven Spielberg knows how to make real great film because this one really proves it.)