• TELL ME about your work crimes.
    What I need is for TWS users to reaffirm my faith in getting up to shenanigans at your 9-to-5. Why? Because I'm getting to the age where I've properly sold out, and I've got responsibilities, and I actually care about what I'm doing (at least, enough to earn my bonus). The worst thing I do nowadays is secretly charge my own phone and tablet at my desk (highly unauthorised).
    But in my heyday, I'd shout unexpectedly, I'd throw things on the roof, I'd instigate games of hide-and-seek, I'd do indoors graffiti. A friend of mine stole ten reels of promotional stickers for own company. Why? Because he could.
    The best game I created was, 'Monkey Mines'. Someone walks across the room; while their back is turned, you leave dozens of envelope stickers upturned on the floor so that their feet become plastered. Whoever gets most stickers on their feet in the course of the day is 'King Victim' (it's a simple game, but fun).
    So, what you got? Please tell me there's people out there who still pish away company time on nonsense.
    office gif.gif