• This is Jeremiah Lovestein coming at you live from my room, and this is the first thing I'm ever posting. And I'd like to make it informational, or something to potentially discuss from. There are many, many places in this world that involves much hatred. From the school bully to cold blooded murderers, It's merely impossible to get away from, because we hear about it ALL the time. No matter if It's from social media, to the news on TV, were still gonna see it. I'm writing this to let you guys know that out of all the b****** we see, there always will be peace and love. Mainly to the ones who always feel like nobody cares for them at all. Come together, talk with each other, it doesn't have to be a lengthy conversation, but it can be anything! It'll boost your mood up. No matter what guys, for every storm there is, it will only get brighter afterwards. Get Your Love On!

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