• Goodmorning to you guys in this joyful evening! The time of the year we lie to the young ones is here! I wonder do parents get pissed off when they buy something expensive, and then the child doesn't even say thanks to them, coz he thinks Santa gave him that. Next year he doesn't get anything because of his attitude last year, and now he hates his parents coz he thinks they talked to Santa. He starts smoking, stealing money, runs away from home, goes to New York and joins a gang. Then grows old and is being filmed in a documentary about gangs where he says his mother never loved him.

    Wooh.. got distracted. Don't forget to leave some cocaine in the yard so Rudolf can refuel and keep going, or if you feeling selfish today shoot that mf and sell Santas gifts to bail out your kid coz.. well you know why. Beautiful Christmas I gotta say, +10 degrees (Celsius), girls in skirts, and the oldest profession in history still being developed (hoes). Did you guys enjoy your gifts? I certainly enjoyed mine, mmm. Maybe because it was the only gift I got but nevermind. Build a snowman, build a snowoman.. snowwoman? some snowbabies, some snowpuppies, some snowtitties. I just like how it sounds. Build a snowstranger to talk to hahaha. Ok ok.

    We all make mistakes guys, like my parents. But when you and your beloved ones get in an argument, remember that it is not 1 vs 1, it's 2 vs the problem. Just something I wanted to pass on. I hope you guys are not alone, cold or starving. Hope you have someone whos been all along with you on that crazy ride. Food on the table. And 2 pairs of socks for the winter ey!

    I've been around for a little while, I gotta say I'm happy I came by. Bonds have been made, some answers found. I hope I get to say Merry Christmas to you guys at least one more time.

    And hey, guess whos gon be home alone again? Yea, exactly, Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!

  • @Alte Happy Christmas! They seriously need to start paying you for this, your radio topics are amazing!

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    @AlizeyK said in Goodmorning Radio Christmas 2018:

    @Alte Happy Christmas! They seriously need to start paying you for this, your radio topics are amazing!

    Could not agree more. Merry christmas buddy.

  • @Alte

    Merry Xmas! Hope you have a great one and spending it alone or not remember it's Xmas, even if you been naughty you deserve a treat ๐Ÿ˜

  • Have you ever thought about being a comedian? You already have one of the things it takes: the talent to write satire. In any case, do you know Joe Rogan? I'm not exactly into his comedy but his podcast is great. He talks with all kinds of people, Psychologists, Comedians, Astrophysicists, MMA Stars, Philosophers, Wrestlers, Hunters, Vegans, you name it. In this episode he talks with Nimesh Patel about his comedy and his recent clash with leftist students. It's real fun.

  • @pe7erpark3r ooh yeah, he definitely can become a comedian, heโ€™s very witty

  • @Alte hahaha , Happy Christmas Alte.
    Regarding the kids ... no Sir ... it is never a problem that the kids think Santa sent the presents. In fact, I used to go out of my way to make him believe. I used to make Santa Feet on the floor using basic home produce :joy:

  • @pe7erpark3r Oh you guys are crazy, a comedian tells jokes, he's not one himself, so thats a no for me there lel. Ive heard that before tbh, the thing is my sense of humor is kind of.. maybe too dark and raw or smt to be made public if that makes sense. I mean i like doing it here, coz people dont really judge anything, and most of us are fckd up already. But i'll definately check that show out! Thanks for the good words guys, really appriciate it.

  • @Durwin Dude ur awesome, respect.

  • @Alte jaaayyy we get the Christmas Radio ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿฆ