• You was swimming all year,
    Kept yourself over the surface,
    You ran for so long,
    Look in the mirror,
    I can see somebody,
    You've seen the hell and built yourself heaven,
    Fought the war and peaced out,
    Hid the scars all the time, but for what?

    I can see,
    This smile one me,
    His smile on me,
    Her smile on me,
    Their hate on me,
    This time's it's me,
    Next time's it's me,

    Always asking yourself,
    How many kicks can one take before breaking,
    Promised to take care,
    But when the red lights popping up you're never braking,
    They been challenging, but you always got out with Victory,
    Explain me this bad view of yourself,
    When you say you have no worries,
    Still picking up fights, even though, nobody is strong enough to play rivalry,
    You're still hiding and running around,
    Like you don't know what you're doing's savagery,

    Always made it your fault, never anybody elses
    You're restless,
    It's time to wake up,
    even though you never sleep,
    Every night, looking at the stars
    Unwittingly you been collecting 'em all,
    Became super Saiyan but didn't even realize,

    Now that you got everything,
    They either give you more or want to take it all,
    You found the brother to cheer you up,
    You found the sister that saved your mind,
    None of them are even blood,
    You found heart and love,
    And keep outrunning everything that may make you stop,
    Steadily running, chasing your goals

    This is for all the lonely nights you been awake,
    The days you been overthinking on life,
    All the times you cried
    Can't you see the on shine you,
    Can't you see, the old tears dried,
    You know,
    They are always there,
    Whatever you're going through

    You can see,
    This smile on you,
    His smile on you,
    Her smile on you,
    No hate in you,
    This time, it's you,
    Next time, it's you

    Side Note: I do not care if anybody does not like what i write or post, thats your business then
    And I wish everyone happy holidays and a nice rest of the year 😆

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    @SunshineF i still have no damn clue about that XD

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