• After a real-life topic which gained little attention I thought we should try something philosophical what dou you guys think?

    Do you believe in free will?
    Simple right? Yet it ain't quite so simple.

    From the old greeks up until a few hundred years ago most philosophers believed that human beings are responsible for what they do, because they indeed have free will. However with the rise of the rationalism this trend really came to a close.

    Some even say we are puppets of natural laws or brain chemistry. The world was compared to a giant machine, a clock, that just ticks away relentlessly and we – the little human robots living inside it – watching the spectacle as we were programmed by evolution.

    In recent years however, through the discovery of the quantum world, at least random chance has made its way back into the world of human thought. But is random chance the same as free will?

    What do you think?

  • Maybe I should make a topic about making topics? Cause ppl tell me I should make topics because they like my posts but then very few (or in this case nobody) participate in my topics. Not that I'm complaining, I probably just don't know how to formulate a topic so that it motavites ppl to join in.

    Or maybe my topics are so "intellectual" 🤓 that some feel intimidated 😢 and others outright bored 😴 . Heck I have no idea. I find this topic interesting. I have something I'll write here.

    But it's just no fun if you guys don't contribute. I don't like blogging (one-way), I like a conversation (two-way). So any improvement suggestions are welcome here too.

  • Anyway as promised here are my thoughts on the topic:

    We are born, where we are born, we like what we like. It is not as if we decided on that somewhere before. We either like waffles or pancakes. Nothing to do with freedom.

    If I ask you to pick any film you have ever seen, how would you do that? Memories of films would just pop up in your head. Maybe you remember Spiderman 1, Spiderman 2 and Spiderman 3 with Tobey Maguire. But did you choose to remember those in this very instant? No you did not. And even if you thought: "nah I have seen Spiderman 1 last week, I'll pick Spiderman 2" isn't that just because in fact you saw it last week? There is no freedom in that either.

    If there is only a material world, then that means all there is is some kind of function of matter. Everything, including our minds then functions according to some natural "laws". No freedom comes in here.

    But – you might throw in – what about random quantum jumps? Well yes, those do infact introduce something non-mechanical into the picture. But does randomness in your brain give you any freedom of choice or is it randomness that chooses for you?

    So – even though most materialists don't know and some outright deny – if they are right, there is no such thing as free will. There is no freedom. There is no responsibility. A murderer kills his victims because of his past and his genetics -> because he has to. He is not responsible. We all are just puppets of nature and random chance.

    For freedom to exist there must be something other than the natural world. Yes, for freedom of choice to exist there must be a spiritual world.

  • @pe7erpark3r haha this is funny. Hmm we are still the masters of our fate and the captain of our souls. Our future will depend on what we did or what are the decisions we had from the past.. I believe our yesterday mold us to be ready and wise for tomorrow. We have the free will to be morally right or wrong , free will to believe or not, etc. From the moment we have survived the race when we're still spermatozoa til now that we decided not to end life, we are practicing our free will.

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