• Imagine if this happened to you. You die of old age after having a happy life. But you don't just vanish, your spirit goes to a place that's like inside of a mirror, you can see people but they don't see you, and it's cold, makes you feel like wearing pijamas in antarctica, a torture. You try to touch someone, and as soon as you do you wake up in their body the next morning right after the person went to sleep. The soul originally owning the body is now where u were when u died. If you kill yourself, you go there again, also the soul you took the body from can't return since the body is dead. At some point you will die of old age again..

  • @Alte it would be a nice idea I think..

  • @Alte
    Assuming my soul is going to exist for eternity, this sounds like a fine passtime. I'll try different kinds of people with different lifestyles. Each lifetime will be long and may get boring but i will try to have fun and do amazing stuff. Now that i know death is not the end my attitude would be different and i wouldn't fear risks.
    Of course I'll be sorry for those people i exchanged my place with and sent to Antarctica wearing pjs :p

  • @Kana I suspected you have quite some ego :D

  • @Alte Nah I don't want any of that :scream: