Imagine if you could see a trailer of your 2018

  • Well its like watchin commercial for another call of duty. Lmao

  • Music Lovers

    @ragnar well I can imagine myself rocking on new year , Giving my quarterly test in January , Attending my final exams in february , Celebrating my and my crush's birthday in March and welcoming freshmen at school . Watching my house getting whitewashed in summer vacations and going on a road trip with my parents 😊 Then going back to school and studying , gossiping , peforiming skits and giving speeches . Rocking in the festival season in October and November . Going on school picnic and enjoying my winter vacations next december like i am gonna do this december and last but not the least eating pastry on new year's eve like every year and waiting for New Year 2019 😊 A trailer of 6 minutes 😂 half minute for each month 😊

  • This trailer would be so boring, and I'd rather avoid spoilers for "my 2018".