• A lot of businesses concentrate more on customer satisfaction but ignore the experience. Is that Customer experience does not matter?

  • @koolgreg Experience for me. There is little worse than when a CSR consistently tells you to have a good day or ask you if your having a good day (can be very patronizing). The need to reiterate the service they have provided is horrid.... I get they need to make sure they have covered all the bases of the call (presuming its phone contact) but to go over it in some cases 3 times... wtf???
    Also if you have an issue with a product and need to contact tech support ... the shear fact that they all work from a basic flow chart of issues and 99.9% of CSR's categorically not sway from the script.... again, very very patronizing especially when you have had the issue in the past and it is still unresolved..... and if you have a unique issue....
    hahaha .. good topic ....
    I <3 phone support numbers .... ohhhh do I ever (probably doesn't help me that one of my ex's used to train up support center's for a living) lol

  • @koolgreg No. Customer experience is usually monitored daily by good companies. These reports on satisfaction help companies gauge the experience and employees on the floor and various areas to make sure they are receiving the best quality service. That is why it is important to report every little situation that occurs so the came improve, whether its safety or a quality check issue.

  • The customer's experience

  • @koolgreg I think that today both are equally important. They are connected