Ford vs Kavanaugh vs men

  • This scares me, regardless of whether Kavanaugh actually raped Ford.

    Over thirty years she waited, she let him get married, become a judge and have two daughters. Then she accuses him of rape, ruining not just his life, but also his wife's, and especially his daughters' lives.

    There's a virtue called courage, I believe the most important of the virtues. The courage to tell the truth or not to lie by omission. At high school she hid the fact that he was a rapist, she put other women and children in danger.

    But that doesn't scare me, what scares me is she lied by omission, what if she's lying now too. 😟 😞

  • The BatSheep

    @green-archer Sadly this is the world we now live in.
    I completely get the fact that a victim may not want to come forward when something like that happens, but what I will never understand is why the victims of such crimes would wait for sooooo long to come forward and bring justice to the perpetrator of such an event.
    And as you rightly state, in doing this so many other's are being put at risk in the process, of what I can only think is revenge as opposed to justice.

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