Biggest Vs Smallest

  • The biggest things you hope for might be the smallest things you can achieve. The smallest gift can be the biggest blessing.
    For example,what we think as big like money might be the smallest things we can achieve if we lose ourselves, our family, our joy, our hope and peace. Maybe smallest gift like our precious time with family can be the biggest blessings in our lives. Nobody gets to live twice. So spend our days wisely even during lockdown period. Yayy GBU

  • @Belle123 If you asked me what is consider biggest and smallest?
    I would say, biggest are things that you put so much priorities on it that you "think" that is important to you, that makes you pour out your time for it. It can be positive or negative though. Smallest things are things you never have thought that it is important or it is just given to you by free (positively) but you ignored all these while.

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