• i'm tired of these annoying male cisgender white fuckbags trying to make moves and sexually harass the women on this site! I'm starting a revolution here and trying to get all of the females on this site to rise up and get rid of all the men on this platform to free us from their oppression! so i say delete all chats that involve men report them and get them banned and rise up!

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    @preacher i try to see things from all sides. Every post I am trying to see the one thing thats true or worth talking about. But Im not gonna lie, this one made me giggle. I will go ahead and give you kudos for pointing out that there is a lot of sexual harassment on this site. A lot of idiotic horny people. And yes, some do go to the extreme of constantly bothering you. However you are wrong about pretty much everything else
    Here is what I find funny. You look like a total dumbass because there are not only MEN being the problem. The majority of people who have ever bothered me in fact, were lesbians. Always pushing for nudes. And sexting. I fall into friendships where they end up actually being severe flirts and never leaving me alone. And its frustrating as hell.
    And guess what, she wasnt even male.
    Thing number two. There are a hella lot of comments giving you hate. Because you did the one thing that I cannot stand. You hastily generalized. Maybe this is where sexism comes from. Everyone is always saying men are stronger.
    Well sweetie, meet Aneta Florczyk. Strongest woman in the world.
    People that say MEN are always the strongest are wrong
    Its just like you saying that the men are always horny.
    Its not true, because WOMEN are too.
    Look, I get it that you are mad about being sexually harassed. But before making such a idiotic post, maybe try to look at all positions. Instead of attacking a large group of people for something a few people do.
    I step back from this site and I have realized that I have a bunch more dude friends then I do chickadees. And they most def arent cocky asses, just kind people always willing to talk.
    So this “opression” you speak of, doesnt exist.
    For anyone that comments, i think it is important to mention that we are only proving her point by stating facts that make it seem like men are better. Because its kind of what she wants.
    So just please, @preacher do yourself a favor, and delete this before you make a bigger fool of yourself. Or leave it up for err one to have a good laugh

  • @leo_sihra feminazi's are beginning to invade this place now XD

  • I’m a proud white male. You have equality what you lack is intelligence. My wife is a neuropsychologist and is paid more than most males in her field. So stop being a keyboard warrior get an education then make a difference.

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    @preacher We don't have to, and feminists actually believe in equality. You actually just admitted to being a feminazi. Wow calling other feminists pussies and emasculating them, great job. Keep rising up, no I think the world wouldn't be better with out men in it, but most definitely it would better without feminazi's like you. What a paradise.

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    @preacher you. What? Did it really take me calling you your true form to get your attention? You have replied to every response here. Except mine. Because I think I managed to find your weak spot; logic. Prove me wrong.
    I agree that in some aspects, there is inequlity between genders; to a certain level. However, there is also stereotypes against males.
    Its people like you that make these stereotypes stronger. The rift just gets stronger and we all move farther away from fairness and equality.
    One thing that I have come to realize, is that this is not really even an argument. Because you have nothing to contribute except empty comments. And yelling the same insult/nickname to err dude.
    I do apologize for swooping as low as you and calling you a bitch. Because that is just not a fitting name anyways

  • @preacher But they deserve cookies too 😨

  • @willoww yayyyy!! Thats maaah babes

  • -delete-

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    @jonas-pistolas The only bullshit is see a typical Feminazi having a few bad encounters and deeming that all men are bad. People like you are the reason feminism today is ruined.

  • @preacher if you are for liberating women why are you bombarding me with DMs asking about my husbands dick size?
    Peace not war.

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    @evan-elderson haha. Welcome to TWS. Everyone here is crazy and stupid in their own way. But not like this coward bitch who wont reply to my response :)

  • @willoww you go girl

  • @preacher jesus fuck its begun

  • @Leo_sihra @Jacksonl you two fuckboys probably prey on all of the women here and sexually harrass them every chance you get so no i will not stop you cisgender white fucks!

  • @preacher who is harasing you? I never seen you in public.

  • @ᑕᖇiᗰᔕ-ᑎ hey, he/she just joined an hour ago lmao

  • I'm not a "feminazi" you dumb faggot i am a woman trying to empower other women to rise up and against their male opressors

  • @preacher


    Hypocritical hatemongering coward,

    Stop being so god damn judgmental, will you?!

    Be better than them if you feel a need to condemn their behaviour instead of sinking as low yourself!

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